Monday, April 21, 2014

Sketching on the go

Hi everyone! In keeping with the creative-on-the-go theme from my April Take The Challenge, I'm going to share with you some more pages from my vacation sketchbook. This is more for inspiration than to teach any particular technique other than observing your surroundings. Each of these sketches are created with 

These were done in Labadee, Haiti.

This was near Jamaica.

This was Cozumel. There were several Catamarans that took cruisers to their shore excursions. The one my family took to snorkel the coral reef was called Fury.

Saw this butterfly on a plant where we shopped in Cozumel.
Now, I could go back in and add journaling to these sketches and make it a visual journal of my vacation. I like to scrapbook my vacations, but working on sketchbooks like this one is definitely more fun! How about you?

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Aline Marengo said...

So beautiful!