Monday, February 24, 2014

Back from Cleveland

The Design Memory Craft team was invited to the Faber-Castell US headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

After quite a bit of child care arrangement shuffling, I was on my way, looking forward to seeing some snow...well, Florida girl here. Took this one from the sky. Snow makes things magical...sigh!

Rode with Rita to the hotel, freshened up. Here's a view from my hotel room window. I could barely move because of the layers of winter clothes I had on. Well, loving snow and being able to cope with cold weather are not the same you know. Thankfully, it wasn't too too cold.

 Here's the office and warehouse. We were given a tour by Don Fischer, the CFO of Faber-Castell USA.

New product wall and Naoko, our DT coordinator. Also got to see Christa T. for a quick second.


The showroom... all I need is a cot and a blanket to take up residence here!

We ate dinner at Melt. I got to meet Amy Jindra, one of the three original concept people behind Design Memory Craft. Amazing person! Wish I had more time to chat with her. So bright, young, and so very down-to-earth! A photo would have been perfect here, but then I was too busy admiring her :) In a world filled with noise, it's truly refreshing to meet an incredibly talented shy artist. I hope you go very far in life, Amy :)

And this wall was COOL!!!

I was very excited to see my artwork in the headquarters boardroom wall... I'm honored and humbled at the same time and extremely grateful!!! 

I also got to meet Delanie West. She is in charge of new product development and I can only divulge that some very cool things might be in order ;) 

And it was awesome to reconnect with Tonya Lutz. She is THE lady who runs the show and our gracious hostess. 

We even got cool gifts like this ball point pen and the book commemorating the 250th anniversary of Faber-Castell
                                Faber-Castell - 148168 Ambition Pacific Green Ballpoint

Then there were friends who get you. Stayed up late and chatted, four of us... Rita, Tiffany, Jen, and I. 

And my personal favorite from the office :) 

The trip back home was a different story. The flight had technical issues which meant delay and in turn missing the connection from JFK. So I was rerouted via Dallas and got home around 10 at night. So glad to be back, hugging my kids and enjoying a very pleasant surprise Ashis had arranged. Some days are great and I'm thankful for them :) 


Amber Sheaves said...

What a fun trip! That's awesome that they flew you. I bet both the showroom and warehouse were so dreamy!!! You know, if you wanted to divulge a little of what new products they have coming out I promise not to tell :)

Loly Borda-Towery said...

Thanks for sharing your fabulous experience! Hugs!