Monday, October 07, 2013

Take the Challenge with Mou, October 2013 at Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft

Hi everyone, Mou here and welcome to the tenth 'Take the Challenge' of 2013!
Every month, on the first Monday, I'll post a challenge and my take on it. You'll have 12 days to take this on. Leave a comment to the challenge post with a link to your creation based on that challenge. The following Monday, we will pick TWO winners randomly from among the readers who participated in that week's challenge. And the winners will get a prize from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®.

October's here and many of you are surrounded by beautiful autumn colors. We don't get colors in Florida. Every fall I dream of being in a colorful place for a few days. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. But I crave for crunchy leaves, crisp breeze, pumpkin patches, apple orchards... an image I have in my mind from our Vermont vacation. This dream of mine is no secret. But I do have some dreams I don't talk about. Don't you have a dream or two like that?
October's  challenge is to create something that represents your cherished secret dream!

Here's my piece that I created with GessoGelatosGel mediumStamper's Big Brush pens, Stampers Big White Pen, PITT Artist's pens, and some patterned papers, cardstock, stamp, etc.

And here's a close-up

Now let me walk you through the steps.

Collect small paper scraps. Attach them to a piece of cardstock using Gel Medium. Seal the top with another layer of Gel Medium. Let dry.

Create a whitewash with gesso.

Add colors with Gelatos. Blend the colors with your fingers.

Add more colors along the edges with Stampers Big Brush pens. Blend with your fingers.

Stamp an image using the black stampers Big Brush pen. Let the ink dry completely.

Conceal the facial features of the stamped image with some gesso. Also draw some clouds and a scalloped border at the bottom with gesso. Draw raindrops with Stampers Big Brush pen. Use a PITT pen to create a face of your choice.

I found this text in a book page, cut it into strips and arranged it on the piece. When I was happy with the arrangement, I attached and sealed the strips in place with Gel Medium.

Once the medium dried, I added details with a black PITT Artist pen and White Stampers Big White pen around some of the text strips to finish.

I hope you too will take this creative challenge!
Don't forget to share your challenge creations with us... just leave a comment to the challenge post at the Design Memory Craft blog  with link to your project image(s) by Friday, 10/18 and we will pick TWO winners randomly to win these.
The prizes for this challenge are: Two sets of Gelatos® in the colors of your choice.
Don't forget to check back on Monday, 10/21  to see if YOU won!
Good luck to all!


Terri said...

Hi Mou, Wonderful and inspiring work :-)

I was just wondering where I could purchase that cute stamp?

THANKS for your time!
Terri said...

I'd ove to know what company makes that sweet stamp. I bought the gelatos because of your gorgeous work!

Mou Saha said...

Hi seenaplusstyle, that cute stamp is from October Afternoon. Look for the Travel Girl rubber stamp set. You'll love the gelatos :)