Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Journal with October Afternoon

The April showers have brought May flowers and new plants have sprouted. Around this time every year, we get ambitious and start our own garden at home. This year, I'm keeping a garden journal. I have always loved altering books with paints and gels. This time,however, I'm sticking mostly with papers to alter an old book I found at our library's used book shop.

I picked a book with a green cover for the garden theme. I cut out a seed packet from Farm Girl 12 x 12 Wheelbarrow paper and attached it at about the center to decorate the cover.

Next, I cut away some pages from the book. To do this, slide in a cutting mat below a stack of pages you want to remove. Leaving about half an inch from the binding, lay a ruler and cut with a sharp craft knife by carefully pulling toward yourself. Cut some windows the same way.

Of course I couldn't do away with paints altogether, so I splattered some on each page. Load your brush with a mix of paint and water, tap on the brush handle with a finger to splatter the paint, and let it dry.

Cut the rim around one of the seed packet images to frame the window. Add some banners from the Farm Girl Sew Fun Banners pack and stitch them in place. Use Woodland Park 12 x 12 alpha stickers to spell out a title for your journal. Attach a seed packet image to peek through the window.

Add some painted diecut tickets, patterned papers, chipboard accents, and washi tapes. Journal on the tickets.

Attach patterned papers and other accents to the page. Add photos. Journal.  

Add a coin envelope splattered with paint. Insert a tag in it to journal on. Use a phrase stamp to add words. 

Have fun altering your own book! Don't forget to check out the October Afternoon blog for inspiring ideas.


katiebug92 said...

I love this, Mou!

Nirupama said...

This is insanely gorgeous. I keep stalking your pages but I had to pop in and tell you how much I love this ( and all your work).

Megan Anderson said...

Love this! Your book is gorgeous. I'm keeping a gardening journal too. It's my first year really gardening, so keeping track of successes and failures will hopefully help me to make better decisions next year!