Thursday, July 07, 2011

Today's share and a couple of questions answered

Here's a 4th of July card I made with Anna Griffin paper and fabric and Scotch 3M adhesives.

And now to answer a couple of questions that were asked in the comment section in the past few weeks...
To my June 06 post,
unknown said...
Hi Mou,
Couldn't find your email, so I'm posting my question here.
The upcoming class your teaching next month or so, will it be available as kit? Live to far to attend :-(.
4:31 PM

Answer: Char, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, given the technique-based nature of this class, it cannot be made into a complete kit. However, please feel free to email me at if you have any other question related to this project.

deb said...
So talented..thanks for sharing.
Any plans to be in the Chicago area to teach?
9:20 AM

Answer: Hi Deb, thanks! I'll be teaching a mixed media class at CHA Summer in Chicago on the 7/19 for Faber-Castell. But I'm told that it's sold out. 
You can email me at if you wish to discuss future teaching arrangements

Happy Thursday :)

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deb said...

Thanks for answering my question! I would love to be a student in one of your classes...very interested in the "Escape to the Beach".

Like the idea of making it a kit, like someone else asked.But I get it..wouldn't be the same without the teacher :)

I will keep my eyes open for classes closer to me in the future.
Thanks for inspiring me.