Monday, October 04, 2010

Workshop on 10/10/10

I'll be teaching a mixed media journal workshop at Scraporium next Sunday from 2-4pm. Denise Hopkinson, the owner, will open the doors of her store on a Sunday to accommodate this workshop and I like the date... 10/10/10 :)
This is what we will make:

And here's a description of the class:
In this class, you will play with textures as you create a colorful Halloween art journal. Whether you record your thoughts on Halloween or document what you do this October 31st, there will be 50+ pieces for you to play with. The pieces will come ready to you cut, inked, painted and stamped and the pieces are handmade, handstitched. It will look like you have spent HOURS (believe me, I have) on this album and worked really hard! All the hard work will be done for you, you just bring your photos, creativity and a few basic supplies to class.
That day, you are very likely to meet a few special ladies from the supportive community of the Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Guild.

I'll be updating my shop today and will make another post here once all that's done :)

Happy Monday!

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Denise said...

oh this looks fun-I adore Halloween and anything a bit creepy. Not yucky just creepy.