Monday, February 22, 2010


Been a bit busy with various stuff... happily, mostly creative stuff :)
Almost finished designing a mixed media type project for a workshop, some design team good stuff and a few things just for myself... will share peekies soon!

Loving the birdcages and dressforms I see everywhere these days.

Listening to Nini read a lot of Black History fictions based on true stories is reminding me of cozy evenings back home when I was a little girl. My dad used to read to me and mom while I played or made art and she knitted, crocheted, embroidered... so thankful for that!
My favorite so far is the one about Hariett Tubman and the underground railroad. Gives me goosebumps each time she reads it!
Nini will be in a school play about Ruby Bridges this Thursday, so some voice projection rehearsals going on too.

The kids are practicing karate with each other in Nini's room...belt ceremony coming up on Saturday.
Friday, there's Nini's "PAWS-itive" award for being "Student of the Month", a first for all of us :)

Well, not all's Zeny in my world right now... there's some other uncool stuff going on too for me... but I'm trying to take Ashis's advice to not let it drain my energy... trying and thinking yes, I can, yes, I can... for I still like to believe that it's not bad people, just bad situations... which is why I've been focusing on creating stuff :) Creating gives me a better perspective...
So, here's to a happy creative week :)

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