Saturday, January 30, 2010

This morning

I took this photo...

Yesterday, I finally joined Facebook...
Today, I bought boots and a purse at Bealls using mostly my Bealls Bucks :)
Raining here today and got to get back to reality and do some work... so see ya!
Happy weekend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grilled Pacific Salmon, cold, cold weather and new & old friends...

oh yes, delay at DFW and the soldier had a baby... these are just a few highlights from my CHA days :)

I flew out on the 21st afternoon from Tampa and reached Anaheim Hilton around 10:30pm PST... believe me, I loved waking up late next morning like 9-ish PST and I had actually slept till noon EST...that never EVER happens at home even when I'm sick!!! Ah well... I'm paying the price now... because my eyelids just don't stay open when I have to get two kiddos ready at 6-ish in the morning EST... but that was DIVINE. Period.

I didn't get to do booth hopping much, but still managed to see some fabulous people. It's just awesome to meet inspiring new friends and reconnect with old ones. Hi Marnie :)

The booths I loved MOST are 7 Gypsies (if you were there, did you not just LOVE the umbrella and the globe and the goodies and the people... oh well, I can totally go on forever) and Anna Griffin' SO SO elegant, classy just like the lovely lady herself. When I first started scrapping watching the DIY scrapbooking show, I used to gasp, "How did she do that!!!" So lucky to meet her in person.

I have pictures to post and stories to tell, but I've to scoot now to pick up the kiddos and go to karate. So, until then... :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Around Christmas...

I started a little cross-stitch project... once I did that, all other projects took a backseat for a few days. I got the idea for the design from a felted purse I once saw in a book that I wish I could remember the name of! After a little math, I drew up the design on the aida fabric and got busy...there's something about cross-stitching that I find irresistible... an old-world charm that stirs up lots of personal memories.
After those 2-3 days, I haven't had a chance to go back to it yet. The plan is to do little by little while I wait for the kids at karate. My karate friends ask me about my progress everyday. It is so cool that they take interest and are cheering me on :)

So what is the latest creative project you are working on?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I got new buttons... YAY!!!

Okay, I had to get that out of my system :)
Look to the right... my official CK Buttons!

This morning I woke up to these:
The golf course just beyond ourbackyard

The snow on the Petunia

and this late bloomer

Happy Tuesday :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Busy Sunday here

Today I took pictures of ice...yes, SNOW and ICE on grass in FLORIDA!!! See it to believe it!

My room has become overwhelming again, my camera card is full... which means time to pick up and restore order. So, that's what I was doing most of today.

This afternoon, we went to attend an award ceremony for the PTA Reflections Contest. Nini was one of the 5 kids from her school who made it to the county level for her Visual Art entry. It was a special day watching the works of young artists. Seeing the world through their eyes really refreshed my perspective. This was Nini's first art contest ever and we had entered it last second after much persuasion from her teacher. I'm a proud mama today :)

And now for a small share, the last one with the 5 Little Ducks collection, at least for the time being.

Can you tell how much fun I have been having with these papers and embellies?

I hope your weekend was great and you are ready for Monday :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Starting a new creative venture today

and you can read about it here. I have been inspired by the artists who have undertaken such projects in the past, but never actually got around to doing it myself and I will need some serious support to finish this project. If you are not a Cocoa Daisy subscriber, that's totally okay too. You can use your own stash, your own format, but I do hope you can join in...more the merrier :)

And some more shares using the Piggy Tales 5 Little Ducks Collection.
The first one goes to Debbie who designed this line and recently had a baby boy. Congrats Debbie :)

Have a super weekend :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

It called for "CUTESIE"

Here's my first share of 2010.

Did this page with Piggy Tales 5 Little Ducks Collection. Usually, i don't do very many cute layouts, but those papers and that photo made me cave :)
My favorites are the turtles... so, SO cute!!!
Using stickers and chipboard from the same collection helped me get this one done in record time...well, at least for me: 10 minutes flat isn't that bad right?

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year

to my blog friends :)
Hope your holiday was mostly fun.
I spent most of the time home this Holiday, fixing up and nesting...feels good :)
I'm working on freshening up my blog's look...something I could have been ages ago if I put my mind into it, but better late than never! In a way, it's an extension of what I'm doing to liven up our home...this feels a lot like a fresh coat of paint.
Things have been busy and school reopened today...COLD day here.
I'll start an ongoing monthly project at Cocoa Daisy this week. Will share links here when it starts.
Hope to share some cool stuff with you soon.