Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I promise

to preserve and protect the plants, animals, and history of Olympic National Park and my community by observing park rules and showing respect for the environment wherever I go."
My 6-year-old daughter took this oath during the Earth Week and earned the title and badge of National Park Junior Ranger after completing the tasks assigned to her by the Olympic National Park Authorities.
Her favorite part was learning about 'Nurse Logs' which are basically tree stumps on which other trees start.
This Earth week, Ashis purchased a tree that we are waiting to acclimatize before planting it on the ground.
Yes, we have been a tree-hugging family for generations :)
My mom talks to her plants, so did my grandma.
We planted trees when each of our kids were born.
I have yogurt cups filled with soil starting my herbs for the season. It is very satisfying!
Hope some of you get the chance to plant a seed or a tree because A TREE NEVER STOPS GIVING!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The weather

cooperated wonderfully yesterday. Not hot at all, breezy and not too sunny. Great day to have an outdoor party. Omie was so happy and so was Nini. They all played with balloons, bubbles and all the other goodies. So happy to see my kids happy :)

Creativitywise, I'm loving purple today and having a bunch of lovely Rusty Pickle papers is just thing I needed this morning. Here's a page that came together in under 10 minutes.

And a big announcement from Rusty Pickle which I'm a ittle late in posting on my blog. I'm just copying and pastinh here from the Pickle blog (
Rusty Pickle Amazing Race 2009
Good news! Rusty Pickle is looking to expand our elite design team! Ten finalists will be chosen to run an "amazing race" where their talent (and ability to function on minimal sleep ;)) will be put to the test. Of these ten finalists, five will be chosen to join the Rusty Pickle team.
The deadline for entry is Sunday May 31st at 12 noon Mountain Standard time. Please submit the following 3 projects for consideration: (1) 2-page 12x12 layout, an altered project and a mini album 8x8 or smaller with at least 6 pages. Projects must contain 100% Rusty Pickle product to qualify. Email all entries to:
Please limit one email per contestant with 1 project image of the layout, 1 project image of the altered project and one compilation image (six images) of the album (this compilation can be done using photo-editing software). The images are to be no more than 700 x 700 pixels. In the subject line put only your name.
The ten finalists will be announced Friday, June 5th at 12 noon.
Thank you and good luck!
*Clarification on the 100% Rusty Pickle Product requirement* You can use paint, ink, thread, pens, cardstock, etc. Just make sure if RP makes a version of something, you use that. For example, Rusty Pickle makes bling, so use that instead of another manufacturer's. Rusty Pickle does not manufacture paint, glimmer mist, ink, thread, pens, etc. so you are okay to use those items on your projects.

So folks, if you like the Pickle style of products, I'd say give it a go :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Om turns 4. We are having a party at our clubhouse Tot Lot. Most of the guests are Ashis's friends. We were not aware that we could only have a certain number of guests at the party by club house restrictions. Nini was not too happy about that as she had a few friends she wanted to invite. But we have to save that for her birthday. Om's best friend is coming. Glad I invited him and his family first. The tot lot allows only pizza and cake. The goodie bags are packed and ready to go. Cups, plates, spoons, napkins, sodas, juices, chips, dips-check. I still have to make a sign to lead the way to the party. And among all these busy thoughts, I'm still looking at my baby and wondering where did the time fly!!!
Have a great Sunday.
P.S. Welcome to my blog, Helen :)Very glad to have you here!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009

A first...

My online workshop venture starts today. I'm nervous like first day of school. I have been working on three projects that I want to make into workshops. The first one is up. Check the right side and you'll see. My husband will work more on how to polish the system more. But for now, if you pay, I'll get a notification from Paypal and I'll immediately e-mail you a 7-page pdf document with a detailed guide complete with step-by-step photos about how to complete this project.

It is a home decor project for spring and anyone who has ever glued stuff together is ready to take the class. The class is a non-refundable $3.00 USD only.

I'll have a mini book class up next. I'll post sneak peeks as soon as I can take some pictures. I hope some of you will join in and may be spread the word :)

Please e-mail me at if you are interested in any particular type of class.

Have a creative day!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Having fun

here... making stuff :)
My desk... is a mess! My face... has a grin! My fingertips... are like rainbow!
Yes, there are still imperfection all around, but I can forget about them when I'm making stuff!
Here's a sneak peek of something I've been finishing up.

Also, hi Lonely Scrapbooker... if you are looking for freestyle designs, I think you'll love one of the upcoming books by CK... due out this Fall! And keep an eye for an upcoming CK magazine issue for some artsy yet scrapliftable stuff by me.

I'll add the online workshop thing I mentioned as soon as I can.

And now, before I go back to playing, here's another Cocoa Daisy page... a clean one because it's all about the ice :)

Have a fun day!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I've been thinking...

of your comment Lonely Scrapbooker... no it doesn't bother me. I appreciate your honesty. I think I should share my views on the subject as you are not the only one to ask me about this. The requirements at CK are based on surveys of what an everyday scrapper wants - more photos in a layout, spreads rather than singles, a more economic approach in the form of regular 4x6 color prints, pages that come quickly together, etc. As a member of their team, I do try to keep these in mind when I create for them. And even though at first glance, these may appear as restrictions, I will have to say that it has taught me a lot. It has challenged me to be creative within restrictions, create more streamlined designs, go back to the basics and explore how I have grown in my scrapping in the little time I have been involved with this hobby... or in short, it has stretched me creatively. Now I don't set templates or basic stickers aside as 'uncool', I challenge myself to use them in cool ways... sometimes I like the results and sometimes I don't... but that, my friend, is invaluable creative exercise in my opinion. The reward is a fresh perspective.

A lot of my friends, both in real life or through blogs and magazines, want to see more of my freestyle and mixed media creations. I also get emails not too infrequently asking me if I teach classes. I have taught at Michaels, our lss and in France. But with my husband's busy schedule and the kiddos' growing needs, that venture had gotten a bit sidetracked. Recently, a non-scrapping friend suggested that I should consider offering workshops online. But, me, not being too techno-savvy didn't give that much thought until my husband agreed to help me set things up. Well, so while he is looking into the technical details, I'm giving my passion to paint and create a free reign :)

Before I leave you today, let me share a very simple page I created with the April Cocoa Daisy kit. It's one of the rare pages where I didn't journal... just didn't feel that it needed words...

Enjoy your Sunday evening :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009


If you are one of the few people who do read my blog, I owe you an apology!
I should update my blog more often. And now the excuses: I had been sick. My mojo had been kinda gone for a while too... and I wasn't creating anything...just couldn't! The harder I tried to create, the worse it got. Well, so I gave myself a little break and allowed mojo to flow back naturally... glad I did!
Now that I have filled you in on what's been up, let me share something I did make before mojo went MIA...
Check this out:
(please copy & paste as I somehow can't make the link live)
and I hope this inspires you to create :)
I'll share more of my pages as soon as I can get back into the swing of things.
Have a swell day!