Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A tutorial

I just posted a tutorial in the Cocoa Daisy forum. Here's a link if you want to cut and paste: http://www.cocoadaisy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=4283.
And here's a peek at what the tutorial is about:

It will probably a little while more for me to return to blogland fully, but I hope you guys are enjoying the spirit of the season.
Cheers :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Drumrolls please...

for the random winner of the book giveaway:
True Random Number Generator picked

milkcan said...

I'd love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

3:29 PM

So Milkcan, please shoot me an e-mail (mou_s51@yahoo.com)with your mailing addy and and I'll get the book out to you :)
Thanks ladies for playing along!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Spreading a little joy

About this time last year, I had just finished a few layouts that meant a lot to me. I was so excited to see those pages in print along with many other inspiring pages in Elizabeth Kartchner's just-released book '52 More Scrapbooking Challenges'.

The bright cheerful book with the creative challenges is sure to make a scrapper's heart sing. I remember when Elsie Flannigan's 52 Scrapbooking Challenges came out, I was just starting out and how I pored over that book. It is such a joy to have my pages included in this 'sequel' by Elizabeth. If you love experimenting with techniques, you'll love this book. If you crave for more than simple, clean lines, you'll love this book. If you need inspiration (I know, I do), you'll love this book.

So, how would you like to win a copy of this book?
Leave a comment here by the 6th and I'll draw a name on the 7th.
For more chances to win, check here:
I can't link it, so please copy and paste and good luck to you :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I have something to say...

This week's been busy... actually so was last week and the week before... busy in different ways. I like that even though it exhausts me. But in all our this and that, I did not want to miss saying it here.
I am CK's newest Contributing Writer for 2010.
It was announced on the CK blog yesterday along with the 2010 Dream Team.
I'm humbled and excited and nervous and deliriously happy :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We are going on a trip in a little rocket ship...

Well, not quite... yesterday, we went on a field trip to Cracker Country at the State Fair Grounds. Nini went with her class and some of the moms teamed up to chaperone. We had a fun fun day :)It was blessing that it did not rain because it sure looked like it in the morning. It was breezy and cloudy making it perfect for an outdoor excursion. We learned about life in the late 1800s with no electricity, little money and a lot of hard work. A farmer made $25.00 a year!!! Suddenly, $25.00 seemed like a LOT of money. We bought some quills and ink powder as souvenirs and I know, we are going to enjoy trying out writing with quills. Another lovely thing we saw there were quilts...I have always had a thing for quilts...In fact, we do not use comforters at home. I LOVE quilts. If I knew how to sew, maybe I'd have tried making one, but I know that will not happen in this lifetime :(.If any of you are local to Tampa, FL and love old-fashioned things, you many want to check this place out: www.crackercountry.org.
Lately, I have started working on an art journal, you know, the totally unplugged type...just write and paint and not worry about products, etc. Hope to share some pics soon :)
My goal today is to organize my photo files and get some printed, so I can scrap them. But my computer is getting old and is getting SLOW and is becoming a pain when I need to do things fast. So, wish me patience today and have a swell day :)
On a parting note, Tricia's Cocoa Daisy event at Mykonos site is live now. Follow the link and you might find something you are looking for: http://www.cocoadaisy.com/event/index.php

Monday, October 26, 2009


I have lost count of how many birdhouses we have. All are craft birdhouses ranging in price from a dollar to 15 dollars. I love finding cute and different bird feeders in flea markets. I just have a 'thing' for them. We never actually tried putting one outside. Around here, we get cardinals and an occasional humming bird. Hawks are pretty common too. I don't know anything about birds, but I'm fond of bird houses!!! They adorn various corners of our home. Here's one, Nini and I worked on recently.

The warm and lovely papers and accessories are from Cocoa Daisy's upcoming November kit.
Do you have something like this? Something you love and keep and collect that might not be all about real life purpose?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Something I'm working on

Usually, I share only finished projects on my blog. But there's something I cannot complete just yet, but also can not wait to share. So here it goes, my work in progress Holiday Journal. I was inspired by Ali Edward's December Daily, but never actually did anything like that before. My journal will span more than 25 days of December as our celebrations begin by the third week of November with our anniversary. Also, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas traditionally as we are not Christians. But when you live in a country where you are exposed to various religious and cultural festivities, you tend to adapt and create your own new family traditions. We do not eat turkey, but do count our blessings. We put up Christmas trees and decorate and feast and celebrate my hubby's birthday which happens to be on the 25th of December. What we celebrate most is the rare time we all get to spend together. It is not always a perfectly happy time because sometimes there are differences of opinion and disagreements over small things between us and the kids... but we'd rather pout and be together than be 100% at peace yet lonely. So, here it is - a place to record all the reasons for pouting and smiling this year :)

See that sticker on the cover, that's actually a snow globe!!! Cute isn't it? I can't stop shaking the page, he he :)They are from K & Company and are called Snow Globe Stickers.

The cardstocks are all by American Crafts and I trimmed them to 5x7 pieces. The patterned papers are from the Brenda Walton Evergreen Mat Pad. The colors are rich!The chipboard numbers and letters are foiled and vintage and comes with a variety of other shapes like Santa, snowman, etc. and the best part is that they are reversible!These are also from K & Company.

Take a closer look. That's a stamp. Look again, do you see the 'hidden' images. Everytime I look, I see something I had missed before. This one's my MOST FAVORITE of the good old-fashioned wood-mount rubber stamp collection by Inkadinkado.

I still haven't figured out how to bind the pages. If I can't figure something nice, I'll have to use loose leaf rings. I have some charms I want to add to this book too. This one's gonna keep me busy for a bit :)and a huge thanks to EK Success for sending me all these lovely new goodies to play with.

You guys have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This time of the year

is magical especially if you are lucky to live in a place where change of seasons are apparent or like us who manage a few days to get away to such a place... we took off last Thursday in our car toward the Smoky Mountains for a few colorful days. Usually, that works out quite wonderfully, but this time there was a twist in the story.
I had been feeling a chest cold since about the Sunday before (11th). Thought it would just pass with some Sudafed and Tylenol. Things started to get a little annoying when the coughing started, so I added Delsym to my list. By Wednesday, I could feel the need of a doctor. The PCP office was closed on Thursday and I decided I'll see her as soon as we get back.
Thursday morning, I woke up and got Nini ready for school and put her in the bus. Got a call from her school in an hour that she needs to be taken home as she had a slight fever. Ashis, who was on his way to work, turned back and picked her up. Took her to see the pediatrician and he said no streps or flu...just a little under the weather, so no meds unless things worsen.
I was dubious about leaving home, but Ashis said all will be fine. So we left.
We were not getting better and the colder weather wasn't helping. By Friday evening,Om complained about sore throat... things were only going downhill and we were already in the middle of the trip. Saturday, it SNOWED!!! Ashis who was taking care of us and driving was exhausted and kept saying, he felt cold. So I insisted we just get back home a day early and we did.
Monday, we went to our doctor and each of us got checked for everything again. We are negative on flu, swine flu, strep throat, ear infection...which is AWESOME!!! But this viral is killing us :(
I'm so behind on everything now. It would take weeks to catch up, that is if everything only gets better from hereon. So, please send us good health vibes... we are desparate!!!
And because you listened, here's a little share. Did it before falling sick.

This is with the November Cocoa Daisy kit. Check out the kit here:

To comment on your comments, I want to say THANKS for your kind comments:)
Artemis Jamaica, I'm super excited to be part of Elizabeth's book too.
Heidi, I e-mailed you girl. Talk to you soon.
Marlene, welcome to my blog. I'm in Tampa and you can check back here time to time for some upcoming crop info. I don't belong to any cropping group because I can hardly keep up with the changing needs of my family and if I add anything more the plate will drop :)

Have a happy week :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Long time...

Well, decided to blog something today after a busy and sick two weeks... not too much to say, just wanted to break the non-blogging pattern! So, here's one of my Cocoa Daisy October layouts.

Have a swell day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rusty Pickle Blog Hop

yep, the Pickle chefs are posting their Rusty Pickle projects on their blogs as part of the RP Blog Hop starting today :)
If you are hopping and new here, WELCOME :)
If you are one of my blog buddies, you can just follow the links from my blog or start at the start from http://rustypickle.typepad.com/picklelicious/
So, here is my recent favorite Rusty Pickle project:

Published: Creating Keepsakes, May 2009
Supplies:Patterned papers (Rusty Pickle); stickers (Rusty Pickle - title, monogram; AdornIt-mini alphas); rhinestone, button (Rusty Pickle); stamps (Autumn Leaves); ink (Ranger); paint (Delta-pink; Ranger-butterscotch); circle punch (Marvy Uchida); rub-on (Piggy Tales); brads (Sassafras); pebbles (K& Company); embroidery floss (DMC); pen (American Crafts-black; Marvy Uchida-pink); adhesive (3M); others (paint brush, needle, paper piercer, craft knife, pinking scissors)

Now hop on over to Kristi's blog
** Okay folks, slight glitch here. Kristi couldn't participate last second, so let me link you to Heidi's blog instead**:

Seriously people, lot of blog candy to feast your eyes on and you do not even get cavities. So, enjoy your hop :)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

... :)
I started the morning late... ate cake.
My goal today was to do something to make each of my loved ones happy... I took the kids to the store to choose a pet fish, got a stainless steel waterbottle so Ashis can drink healthier water throughout the day when he is stuck in his cabin at work and chatted with mom and dad.
Ashis cooked me a special lunch. I got a new scanner. Then when the kids napped we watched a fun movie together.
But, I still had some special friends for whom I have some eye candy :)

Enjoy your long weekend and hope you find some creative time :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

CRAZY days, a SUPER sale and a share

Things are CRAZY here... I'm not able to collect my thoughts to put them in words... that crazy! So, I won't try till I'm ready.

Wanted to share some news that are good...

First, The Anna Griffin Scrapbook Super Sale is coming and it’s going to be HUGE!
WHAT: Mark your calendars and tell your friends, the Anna Griffin Scrapbook Super Sale is coming and it’s going to be over-the-top and out-of this world! With unheard of pricing and deep discounts, this is a 3-day spectacular that you will not want to miss! This crafting clearance will surely be the sale of the season, with free shipping and BLOWOUT pricing.
WHO:Paper personality, Anna Griffin is a recognized authority when it comes to translating exquisite patterns evocative of old world style into modern, mix and match designs. Each paper craft collection reflects the luxurious styles of yesterday, and yet is fashionably on-trend for today.
WHEN:September 5th – 7th
WHERE:Visit www.annagriffin.com and click on Shop Online and you are on your way to super savings!
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Sign-up today for more information, reminders and sneak peeks by emailing rsvp@annagriffin.com.

And second, a treasure found... better put as, a treasure resource found.
Check the templates at www.thecraftersworshop.com...
told you, they are treasures :)

Finally, a share using one of the treasured templates above:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick post today

This week's been CRAZY!!!
First year of public school, figuring out transportation, shopping for school supplies, uniform, etc... and then some not-so-regular situations and more... and creating... but wanted to post this-
For today only, Creating Keepsakes’ online store is offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders. This offer applies to ALL products in our store (CK, Paper Crafts, Simple and Digital etc).
Check out the details here:

and also a simple layout :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mother and child

...that used to be the title of many many masterpieces by various painters as I browsed art history and collection books. I loved the beautiful soft feeling of those pieces, almost inviting you to touch the chubby pink cheeks of the angelic children playing in the presence of their relaxed reluctant and beautiful mothers.
But those pieces never made me realize the beauty of the bond between mother and child... no, you cannot fathom the depth of the feelings when you are the child either... at least, I didn't. Raising Om and Nini are totally different experiences.
Its subtle, strong and yet more tender than most other things.
It is rich. It is unparalleled!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


As I was about to collect my FedEx package from the front door, I noticed this little guy fluttering around, alighting on one flower and then on the next... I whispered to Nini and she came to watch. I was lucky to have the camera close today as we spent the next few minutes in a dance of freeze and fly and freeze and fly...

Artemis Jamaica, I wanted to say thanks to you for the book you recommended. We were lucky to find it in our local library. The story totally took me back home and the illustrations inspired me to create with such vibrant colors. My children enjoyed the book as Nini read it to Om. Thank you :)

Helen, I'm going to let Tricia know that you had difficulty getting in the gallery. It might just be due to high traffic! But if you emailed Tricia, I think you are covered :) Good luck to you my friend!

As today's parting note, I would like to say that when I started blogging a few years back, I didn't know what to expect from it, but now I can happily say, its been an awesome experience in bringing me friends, encouragement, support and inspiration. Hope I brighten your days in some way too!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cocoa Daisy DT Call extended

just when you though you had no time left, the Cocoa Daisy Design Team Call 2009 has been extended till August 5th. Get those entries in while Tricia is at CHA :) Team will be announced shortly afterwards.

Here are the call details:
Cocoa Daisy is looking to add two very talented, creative and motivated scrapbook artists to join our design team, the Daisy Divas. Our design team is made up of dedicated scrapbookers with the ability to create stunning layouts and projects using products in unique and unexpected ways. We are looking for design team members who will be very present on the Cocoa Daisy site (both on the message board and in the gallery) and will actively promote the site elsewhere.
We are fine with design team members holding positions with manufacturers or stores.
However, we ask that if you wish to be a part of Cocoa Daisy that you are not involved with other companies that create kits. The design team call will run from now through August 5th.

Submission Requirements:
Here’s what you need to do to apply:
Send an email to mailbox@cocoadaisy.com with “DT call” in the subject line. In the
email please include the following:
1. Name
2. Contact information
3. Your username in the Cocoa Daisy gallery
4. A link to your online blog, resume or gallery
5. Create an album in the Cocoa Daisy Members’ Gallery and submit at least 4 original
layouts and one scrapbook project. Pictures should be clear, in .jpg format, no
larger than 512kb, and not wider than 800 pixels. You need not create new designs
specifically for the call nor must you use Cocoa Daisy kits.
6. Include a short bio about yourself that includes a description of your scrapbook style and links to any online galleries and/or scrapbook resumes. Also include a list of current design team memberships and scrapbook message boards on which you are
active (please include links and your username for each community). Cocoa Daisy is
an exclusive kit company. You may be active on other design teams as long as they
are not for companies selling kits.
7. Tell us how you would be a good fit for our design team and how you will add value
not only to the team but to the community as a whole. Please include any ideas you
might have for improving the message boards, design team or any other aspect of
Cocoa Daisy.

Design Team Responsibilities
1. Creating unique and creative scrapbook layouts, and scrapbook projects to display in the design team gallery. (Each month design team members are required to submit 3
layouts and at least one additional layout, card or project).
2. Active participation on the Cocoa Daisy message boards and gallery. Actively
posting and responding to members’ posts daily as well as commenting on posted
layouts are an integral part of being a Daisy Diva. You will also be expected to be
involved in creating weekly and/or monthly challenges etc as well as participating in
our online crops and events. We are looking for new design team members who can
make a commitment to be active members of the Cocoa Daisy community.
3. Contribute an article to a monthly newsletter or blog post. Assignments will be made on a rotating basis.
4. Design Team Members are strongly encouraged to submit to publications on a
regular basis.
5. Promote Cocoa Daisy, its products, message board and gallery and on your blog,
other forums, and in your signatures where permitted. Design Team Blinkies will be
6. Design team members will receive a free monthly kit as well as a 35% discount on all items in the store. Additionally, on a rotating monthly basis one design team
member will also receive items from that month’s add-on kits.

Have fun and remember to visit www.cocoadaisy.com for daily inspiration :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


today... listening to old Bollywood songs, watching old Bollywood movies...
Working on something and dedicating the morning to songs that are almost double my age and loving it. This song is from 1958...hehe when my dad was a teen!!!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWJSRRU94Xk (click and paste because I can't make links work for the life of me)
I used to sing this song standing on the tea table with a hairbrush and pretend to be Madhubala, the actress when I was ummmm... 5... didn't know how to pronounce half the words and didn't know the meaning of a single word...but that never stopped me...huh :)
the actress is my MOST FAVORITE EVVVVVER TOO... this is beauty to me

Happy weekend to ya :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer camp anyone?

When I was young, I used to spend most of my summers at my grandma's country home surrounded by acres and acres of paddy fields. Mornings used to start with picking fresh home grown vegetables, collecting milk and eggs from the farm with grandma...this was such a treat for a big city kid! It's been two years since Grandma passed away, but those memories live on in my heart...
We had a multigenerational joint family and when all the cousins came together, the number added up to 27...yes, we didn't need camps to keep us entertained because we came from different walks of life and always had something to learn from and teach each other. I was particularly fond of one cousin and she taught me how to suck honey right out of a flower...
We spent days playing, biking, getting muddy and swimming, making dolls out of clay, knitting,drawing and being just ourselves...
The evenings were quieter with board games and candle lights and then falling asleep under the stars with the chirping crickets and fireflies to wake up in our beds inside the house in the morning to start a new fun day!
My kids aren't that lucky. They live here and the rest of the family lives in India. Indian summers are way too hot for them to handle and they can't stand the dust or the elements. In short, they don't have too much fun. But they are over the moon when my mom visits. Nini can't stop talking about her 2008 summer with mom.
This year she transitions from her daycare school to the public school and we are unsure of many things. So while Om attends summer camp at Primrose, Nini is staying home with me. While nothing compares to being with grandma, me the mom comes a close second.
We make crafts, eat cherries, swim and be lazy together. When I get busy creating, she keeps herself busy with reading and playing.
Do you send your kids to summer camp? What are the pros and cons?
Do you take up any kind of fun activity for yourself in summer?
Today, I found this at the CK website:
Are you camping there?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday share

Well, from the morning, I did these:
. collected trash from all over the house and took it out
. fed the kiddoes breakfast
. cooked 4 dishes
. gave the kiddos their special weekend bath
. fed them lunch
. fixed Nini's pierced ear that looked a bit red
and now I'm mentally free to create :)
Before I get to that, here's my Saturday share:

I used the July Cocoa Daisy kit. Hop over to http://www.cocoadaisy.com/ for more inspiration.
Hope you are having fun at whatever you are doing today!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

New page

I finished this layout last night. I used my Cocoa Daisy July kit.

This is my first ever page about my blog :)
Thought I'd share.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day

to all my American blog buddies. Be safe, enjoy and appreciate your freedom :)
Here are my shares for this special day:

and thanks to those and their families who make sacrifices each day to keep us free!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy 2nd of July

1. Om will be watching Ice Age 3 at Muvico with his class on a summer field trip.
2. At 3.30pm, we will be at school to watch the kids' Independence Day parade.
3. I'll be taking dentist's appointment for the kids.
4. Nini and I are going to make a doll dress. Both of us have exactly equal skills for this one and that is basically 0+0= a BIG zero!
5. I have to vaccum Om's room with the Shark vac as the floor is sticky...don't ask me how!
6. I'll be cooking dinner
Now that I have filled you in with the details of my day here, I'll share a couple more pages from my July Cocoa Daisy kit :)

Have fun today :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Good 1st day of July

Yesterday was my parents' anniversary and I talked to mom on the phone and guess what, forgot to wish her...huh!!! I'll blame it on summer brain!
In other news, check this out:
I was stoked to see it :)

I've been working on a circle journal with a group of VERY patient friends. Finally, I finished a spread I was supposed to do a long time back and that feels GOOD!

Well, now for a share from the July Cocoa Daisy kit:

If you are fond of bright happy things, you will love this kit :)
Have a FUN first day of July!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cosmic Attraction

I finally took out my Holy Grail Cosmo Cricket stuff and played with them... Here's what I made :)
You can click on each image for a bigger view.


1 More Milestone


Busy at Play

Someday This Will All Make Sense!


This is a minibook I made with the new Snorkel line and Blackboard Abby's Album & Jack's World clear stamps:
At The Aquarium

And last but not the least, a card that sums up my sentiments just right:
U R A Perfect 10 in My Book

Boy, this was FUN... I've got to do this more often :)
Have a super swell day!

Friday, June 26, 2009

EK Success

The lovely folks at EK Success recently sent me a generous helping of their yummy summer products. If you are a long time crafter, I'm sure you are aware of the following brands--EK Success, K & Company, Jolee's boutique, Inkadinkado and Martha Stewart Crafts. If you are new, you may check them out here:

Don't you love the sunny happy look of their website?

So, I have been playing with the goodies and now that hubby has found a way to connect my camera to my desktop (the regular features hadn't been working and hence, there were no shares :)... ahh technology!!!), I'm back.

Supplies: K & Company Citronella Mat Pad (Code: 30-626867); Martha Stewart Crafts Ocean Glitter Set (MA111032)-- all by EK Success; others (blue cardstock, tag, stamp, ink)

If you know me, you know that I don't glitter. Not that I don't like how they look, but that's one mess I just can't handle :( But the colors of these glitters were VERY VERY inviting and I couldn't resist! Well, the mess was worth it and I will do it again because my kiddos were very impressed...The glitter set came with these surreal colors Verdelite (the one I used here), Aquamarine crystal and Feldspar as well as an easy-to-apply glue applicator. Apart from many online stores, you can buy these at Michael's if you too are a touchy-feely type like me who want to see it in person first :)

Supplies: K & Company Citronella Mat Pad (Code: 30-626867); circle punches-- all by EK Success; others (white & blue cardstock, letter stickers, pen and embroidery floss)

I was lucky to chance upon this lovely sketch by Pencil Lines. It was perfect because obviously, I wasn't done playing with the Citronella papers :) You can see how simply this page got dressed up, courtesy of the beautiful juicy sunny happy K & Company papers that worked very well with my other supplies. The mat pad includes 18
4.75x6.75 inches sheets of double-sided papers. That is, you get 12 designs of patterned paper that you can use as photo mats for 4x6 inches photos or cut up and go wild :)

Supplies: K & Company Citronella Mat Pad (Code: 30-626867); Sticko stickers (Barbecue SPCLS166); round scalloped punch-- all by EK Success; others (yellow, orange cardstocks, letter stickers, pen)

I used to buy plenty of themed stickers when I was starting out. They made the job easy and were cute but then I outgrew them. However, I never stopped buying more stickers and hoarding them because whether or not I used them in my projects, I admired their details, colors and cuteness. This time, I decided to go back to the basics and use my stickers. This BBQ set has a grill sticker that I'm going to use soon. This layout came together so quickly because of those glass, plate and food stickers. The Citronella mat pad has this white strip with a hole at the top of each page and I didn't trim that white part because it added a nice touch and space for title and date for my layout.

There's more yummy goodies for me to play with and I'll share the eyecandy as soon as I can. Hope you too are having time to relax and create this summer :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hump Day Share

Hi there friends. Hope your week is going great. Mine's been SUPER lazy... he he! Well, summer's here and we are taking it slow. The other day, Nini made her first scrapbook page... about me :)It's fun to see myself through her eyes. She's too shy to let me share the page. But here's my share :)

When I see this photo, I feel lost. That's my baby like yesterday and now he is a rumbunctious little boy... sigh sigh!!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday share

We saw Up on the night it was released and LOVED it. I carried my camera too, only to find out that the CF card was left in my computer... but I wanted to document our experience with or without photos, so here it is.

I'm playing with my July Cocoa Daisy kit and having fun with yet another FAB kit.
Wish you a creative Monday :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Day 5

Yesterday was the last day of school... officially!!!
Full house today...kids who go 'Mmmm... 5 more minutes mommy!' every school morning are up and bustling from 7 am... funny huh?
I don't even want to see the messes they are making... making projects, playing, etc.
Looking forward to going to Ikea this weekend. Our laundry room needs help. Hoping my plan will help us get a little more organized in there and not scrambling for a matching pair of sock in the mornings.
And now, my third share for the month...this one's with Rusty Pickle...

This has been a mixed week. There's a lot on my mind. Just hoping to be able to relax a little this weekend. You too have a fun weekend :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy third day

of June to all :)
Here's my second share for the month.

Another Cocoa Daisy layout I created to relive the fun of our Seattle trip.
Also want to say thanks to Carolyn for saying such sweet things :)
I'm happy to say that the July CK has my first article 'Artsy Made Easy' complete with 5 layouts showing 5 artsy techniques. There are two more layouts in the summer and heroes articles. Seeing my article in print sure is thrilling to me.

Summer's here. Kiddos are staying home this summer and I know we are gonna have some genuine fun around here in the days to come :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

First June share

This morning as I flipped the calendar, I saw those staples in the center and realized we are already halfway through 2009...hmmm!
Personally, for me the year so far has been different from any other so far... Well, let's see how the rest of 2009 unfolds.
And here's my first share for June

The goodies used on this page are from the June Cocoa Daisy kit "Verandah".
If you get to http://www.cocoadaisy.com/store/ make sure to also check out the add-on kits.

When I chat with other scrappers, I often find that I'm rather new to this hobby. Many of the ladies have been scrapping for a long time, some started out as kids and never stopped... WOW! For me, I have photos from before I was a scrapbooker... from vacations, from childhood, from events and also photos of my own kids that I took with a film camera. I'm trying to remember the stories behind those photos and it's not very easy. But I'm scrapping them anyways because I'll forget even more as time goes on. Sometimes, I'm just writing down my feelings that the photo generates in me now. Overall, those older photos are getting a workout :)

On another note, if you have e-mailed me in the past two weeks and haven't heard from me, I apologise. I had been caught up with other things like reorganizing, cleaning, scrapping and being sick, etc. I'll try to catch up and respond to as many emails as I can.

Have a good one!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How much I do in a day

is not something I realize till there's a day when I'm stuck in bed... all day!
Yesterday was a sick day and I didn't get out of bed. Once I could get up later in the evening, I went downstairs and cleared up the kitchen counters and then hopped back in bed.
It has rained a lot over the last few days, which is great for the drought situation. Our lawns aren't as thirsty as before. Moreover, the softer ground helps in digging to put new plants in. We have Gladiolus in bloom as well as magnolias, zinnias and marigolds. The Petunias are yet to come in.

Here's what's in my room right now.
Hope your garden is blooming today too :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Participating in the Memorial Day bloghop was a wonderful experience.
I got in in the very last second. Hopping from blog to blog was very inspiring and fun... wish I could comment on every blog, but that I couldn't manage!
I appreciate all of you who participated in the blog hop and everyone who took the time to leave a comment. Thank you for being part of CFH :)

And now for the book giveaway, Artemis Jamaica aka The Lonely Scrapbooker emailed me her addy yesterday. I'm going to forward it to the CK editor in charge and hopefully very soon she'll have her very own copy of Easier Than Ever Scrapbooking 2. Enjoy :)

Today, I won't do a thing and just rest... well, I hope to. A big time Migraine hit yesterday and I'm taking it easy, as easy as I can with a 4-year old sick with viral!!! But, that's life sometimes.

Have a good one :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

To be part of

an AWESOME cause, I emailed Fabre Sanders Friday evening wondering nervously if I was too late to join in the Memorial Day Blog Hop... very graciously, she included me in the venture. If you are not sure as to what I am talking about, click here or copy & paste the following link: http://cardsforheroes.org/

This is a network of volunteer crafters who make cards for the armed forces and can use donations to ship those cards to the US troups all around the globe to keep in touch with their loved ones back home. So far, they have been able to send 140,875 cards. And this is the impact of this effort-"Please pass our gratitude to all of your volunteers . . . the cards make us want to reach out to people that we haven’t made contact with in years—simply because the cards force you to want to share a smile. I can’t say enough to express our gratefulness."—CPT L.C., Iraq, Army.

There are over 100 stops on the hop. Lots of great prizes and RAKS on individual blogs, and some special incentives on the homesite(www.cardsforheroes.org)

If you have made it this far in the bloghop then, Hi, I'm Mou in Tampa, Florida, USA and here's what I created

to say THANK YOU for your sacrifices to keep us safe at home :)

And now, to continue your hop, your next stop is Charmaine of Pittsburg, PA, USA at http://oodabugalley.blogspot.com/2009/05/memorial-day-blog-hop.html.

She is a cardmaker and I bet you'll have some eyecandy waiting there for you!

Have a lovely weekend :)

To make up for

lost time, this is my 2nd post of the day...
Remember the album I made while we were out of power? Well, here it is.

Made it from scratch only with stuff from my stash... remember, I cleaned the rooms first!

Well, Lonely Scrapbooker aka. Artemis, I read your comment to my last post. I know what it feels like to REALLY want something :)
However, to be fair to Deana, let's wait till this Sunday... maybe she checks blogs only on weekends. If I don't hear from her by then, I'll ask you to email me your addy. I would have generated a second random number, but since you already asked... there's no point in letting a perfectly good prize slip by without a winner.


...yeah! That's what we were this week. Monday morning, a storm hit the area and it rained cats and dogs and then come evening, power went out just after I had put the meat to cook on the stove. We waited with flickering candles and scared children with no drinking water and no phone... Eventually, I went outside and fired up the gas grill and finished cooking out in the dark, windy, cold and wet patio. After a while, the power came back but FIOS was down which means still no phone, no cable and no internet. That did not come back up without professional intervention which took many many many hours. When things seemed to have returned to normal, power went out again. This time things were not as slow as the first... still!!!
The best part in all this, I cleaned up three rooms...got organized! Took the time to read a magazine. Watched several movies. Finished an album. Makes me think if I really need to check my e-mails that often!!!

Deana, I still haven't heard from you, so please email me with your addy :)

For those who didn't win the book, here's a chance to win some brand new releases from Piggy Tales. here are the details.

"Last call to leave a comment on our blog and you'll be entered in a contest to win our entire Spring 09 release! A random drawing will take place on Friday, May 22nd, so make sure you leave your comment before Friday, 12pm PST!

AND...Grand prize winner will also receive a free year magazine subscription to Scrapbook & Cards Today.

To check out all of Piggy Tales products visit our website at www.piggytales.com!"

Hurry and remember that you need to leave a comment on their blog for a chance to win

Monday, May 18, 2009

And the winner is...

and it picked # 10 when I first hit 'generate'.
Deana said...
I'm feeling inspired by the spring weather and all the lovely flowers!

9:37 AM

Well, Deana, CONGRATS :)
Please email me your addy at mou_s51@yahoo.com. Please write Blog Winner on the subject line. I'll forward your address to Creating Keepsakes and they will mail you your very own copy of Easier than Ever Scrapbooking 2.

Ladies, thank you all for participating. Sorry, I couldn't pick all of you...
But keep an eye on the CK blog and there might be more chances to win!

For those who wanted to know if I have projects in this book... yes, I have 4 projects-2 layouts and 2 cards...on pages 40-41 and 52-53. And on page 54, there's a little bit of me as well... Kelly used my stamp 'gleeful' which I had designed a while back for Hero Arts :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday and a book giveaway

Check this out

and this

and if you would like to win a copy of this

leave a comment here to this post between now and Sunday about what is inspiring you lately. I'll pick one random winner and Creating Keepsakes will mail you a copy of their newest SIP Easier Than Ever Scrapbooking 2.
Have a creative Friday :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Easier-than-Ever Scrapbooking 2

The wait's over. The sequel to Easier-than-Ever Scrapbooking is finally here :)

This recipe-style SIP by Creating Keepsakes
1. includes “Ingredient” lists and step-by-step instructions to make it easy to replicate amazing effects
2. features mostly double-page spreads
3. highlights many layouts that use 4” x 6” photos
4. has wonderful, attainable layout inspiration from fellow scrapbookers.

So, if you are looking for fast, easy, budget-friendly doable techniques or just awesome eye candy, the Easier-than-Ever Scrapbooking 2 might be it.
Retail price $14.99
Number of pages 164
Available May 2009

And just for my blog buddies, here's a special coupon code to use between now and May 31 for 15% off your purchase of this special issue: QEYB-5778-ULYB. I'm told that it’s not valid if combined with any other discount offer but you are free to share this coupon code with your friends.

Wishing you inspiration :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Some more shares

These are my Rusty Pickle layouts for May. I'm working on a couple of teacher's gifts right now.

Ikea has opened in Tampa. Yay!!! Will try to stop by some time this weekend to see how everything looks. Around that area is a farmer's market that sells strawberry pizza and it is YUM! So the kids are hoping that we do drive by that place to Ikea.

It has been forever since I copied my photos on disc, so that's another thing on my to-do list this weekend. So, I'll get back to organizing my papers that my kids are literally stepping on to get to my work table. Boy, it takes only a few hours for my clean table to get messy! Does this happen to you?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy NSD

and some shares.

All the projects are using the May Cocoa Daisy Kit "Strawberry Lemonade".
I hope to scrap this weekend. Hope your schedule is free enough to enjoy some scrap time. Have a swell weekend :)