Friday, May 30, 2008

A Luxe Post

As I'm typing this, a very Luxe box is on its way to me and I can hardly wait.
So, I thought why not spread the yummy Luxe goodness to my blog friends, courtesy of the FabuLuxe people. I'm not much of a TV watcher so I am not familiar with the show, but I am guessing many of you enjoy it and will love these giveaways. And even if you are not a regular viewer, I bet you will enjoy these products.
I am copying what Emily emailed us
Join the Luxe and the City Celebration and post on these blogs by Tuesday 5 PM CST for your shot to win fabulous prizes inspired by Sex and the City! Check the Luxe girls' blogs for "the Miranda", "the Carrie", "the Charlotte" and "the Samantha". Also look for "the Manhattan" on the Luxe blog and our "If Carrie and Charlotte gottogether to crop..." t-shirts on the Luxe Facebook and MySpace pages.
"the Miranda "
"the Carrie"
"the Charlotte"
"the Samantha"
"the Manhattan"
Luxe's MySpace
Luxe's FaceBook

Good luck to you all and have fun. And I promise to make a post with my Luxe pages soon.


Jayne said...

Hi Mou!I had to stop by to tell you how much I ADORE the LO you have in scrapbooks, etc this month. As soon as I saw "growing like weeds" I knew it was one of your creations! LOVE IT, so much fun on one page should be against the law! It is soooooo pretty!

Kristan Paolacci said...

Hey Mou - Just had to stop by and say HI and congrats on being a SOY finalist. Are you going to CHA again - just wanted to check - cause if you are there I need to find you and just give you a hug. Let me know.