Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I just realized

that I am a monthly blogger!!! Not that I don't have much to say but because my husband is away from home so often leaving me in charge of my two adorable munchkins does not leave much free time for me...
On health news, I can't have a fruitful surgery of my finger as
1. it would result in making me lose my sensitivity in the finger as I'm told
2. the pain from the tumor can be taken away but only to leave the permanent pain of a bruised body part that is in constant use.

So, I'm on pain killers that make my life a bit easier painwise, but boy it is causing acid reflux. I'm having to use gloves and bandaids daily to protect the finger from further infection. Ice packs help when things are not eaxctly bearable. I'm learning to live with it.

Anywhoo, it's sharing time. Did a bunch of los when the kiddos finally fall asleep these nights. Afternoon naps are long gone... sigh!!! Not only does that mean lesser me-time but also that my babies are no longer as little as they used to be... sniff, sniff!!!
There's a French company making a bunch of neato goodies that recently asked me to create something for them. I couldn't manage the time to be part of their jury for a challenge they held but saw some fun creations there. Check it out here
I had a great time reconnecting with my Cottage pals the other night. Hi girls!!!

Also, check this one out. 30% off of your total purchase at . HURRY! Oh and dont forget to use this code JESTER08

Hope you folks are having a lot of fun! And here's some pages I made for Cocoa Daisy with April kit


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your finger -- what a bummer for a scrapper (and an awesome scrapper, no less)! Love your work and am glad you had a chance to share. Also, HUGS to you -- just 'cause I thought you could use a few!


Wendy Lojik said...

Mou, I have missed you! SO sorry to hear about your pain. I think you are such a beautiful person that you create beauty. Please take very good care of yourself. You are a treasure. I will tell Lisa to drop by your blog!

Dawn W said...

My goodness, you finger issue does NOT sound like something you can just live are taking this very well. I hope the pain killers can help you make it a bit better anyway.

Great pages Mou. thanks for sharing again. Glad you could come talk to us at the Cottage.

Hugs to you dearie.

inara said...

cute projects!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful stuff as usual. Hope your finger is better and thanks so much for a great chat at the Cottage!

Bee Rozatti said...

I am hoping you relief from physical pain Mou. What beautiful work you create inspite of the burden. . .I am regular browser of your blog & am always inpired by your simple yet poignant messages & use of colors (it's what I imagine India to be like, this collision of beautiful colors). Keep the balance, keep the joy. Believe your body will heal!

Tyggereye said...

Love your new Busch Gardens LO that was pubbed this month. I totally forget which mag because you had one in MM and CK. Love em both!

Tina said...

Hey girly! I finally found a link to your blog on someone elses! Oh happy day! I miss you and can't wait to catch up!

Kathy said...

Mou, I am so sorry that I missed the chat at the Cottage. I so wanted to chat with you and hear how you are doing. I feel so bad for you and your problems with your finger. Sounds to me like surgery would sacrifice some things but maybe it would be better to not have to work about infection etc. I hope that they figure out something to help.
Miss you bunches,
Kathy (kjg1130)

Cassie said...

I heard your interview today on the Diva Craft Lounge. I love your style!