Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MIA because

of more curveballs...unexpected ones, expected but not so soon ones, etc. and since I seem to be totally powerless to change such situations, I'm trying to change my outlook which also is not proving easy. But I'm hoping to come out of it all stronger... REALLY stronger.

In the midst of it all, I'm going to India for a month with the kids... after FOUR LONG YEARS! My mom's not doing too well. My dad has never seen my son. I don't want to be too late this time. Got my emergency tickets last week and right now figuring out immigration as the kiddos are US citizens and need visas to go to India, packing for the trip and just hoping to survive the countless hours of flight.

And, THANK YOU for all your well wishes. Thank you for being there for me. Hope you guys are starting 2008 with a bang.

Here's a few pages I did within the last month or so. The finger is numb from meds which is better than the pain but useless too.
When I come back, hopefully I'll be able to give you guys something more interesting to look at.