Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sweet CHA

Ok... so I'm still dragging my feet around... too much walking... another reason I should exercise!!!

First up, I got to watch TIM HOLTZ doing demos... WOW!!!
And Theresa took a picture of us... Theresa, if you are dropping by, please drop me a line. I'm dying to talk to you. And I met Wilna, she was sad for missing you... MB said hi too!

Met the Rusty girls and Lance. They had set up a chocolate fountain in the booth... Uber Cool!

I loved rooming with MB and Libby... will do it again in a heartbeat!

The HOFer girls lunch was a blast too.

CK booth was busy with something or the other all along. It was so nice to meet CD, Britney, Brian, Jessica, Emily, Erin and the Simple crew. And Becky Higgins too. Love her new book. I used to be kinda scared of sketches, but I guess I'm converting.

DCWV treated everyone with free icecreams... YUM!!! You gotta see the new lines... even more yummy than the icecream... itching to get my hands on the stuff like the rest of the DCWV girls.

Tricia from Cocoa Daisy took us out to dinner... the Chicago style pizza was pretty good. Got to meet the DARE girls.

The Piggy Tales folks were so cool too. Loved working with you Theresa, Norma, Chris and Laura.

Met my cottage buds... Hey Marnie, I'm a very educated woman now!!!
Diane, THANK YOU... I'd have never known that those elks were there if you didn't take me there... and IKEA too

Carolyn, Dawn, Cathy, Tina... so good to see you.

First time CHA-goer... overwhelmed for sure! So if I'm missing anyone, please forgive me and my fried brain.


Theresa Tyree said...

Hello my new BFF!! I miss you already! I had so much fun hanging out with you at CHA! I put our pics up on my blog. I meant to do that yesterday but got busy with work. Then I noticed you dropped by the blog so I hurried and finished it up so now it's up! I hit the floor running as soon as I got back from CHA and haven't stopped! Write me or call. You have my celly, here's my email:

Love and miss you!

Theresa Tyree said...

Oh, I forgot. Give MB a hug for me. Do you live near her??

Dawn said...

Hey Mou!
I am SOOO glad I got to meet you! What a totally rockin' experience CHA was! I had such a great time. Next time we need to get together one night. Oh, and congrats on all the DT's!! Wow, girl, you are doing awesome.


Marnie said...

It was so great to have you here! I miss you already!

Rita said...

WOW -- sounds like a wonderful time! So happy you got to meet up with so many people.