Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy as a bunny

Yep that's an egg carton wearing a hula
This one was so much fun to do with Nini and my DCWV stuff. We used plastic eggs, cause I have no clue how to use real ones... moreover this is more durable
Even though we don't celebrate Easter, its always wonderful to get into the festive spirit.
So, HAPPY EASTER everyone.
My MMIdol layout is all done... boy, this time I ran to the store so many times searching for the right stuff, but then went back to good old innovation to make the best of what I could get. But I have to thank Maria... without her this one would have turned out very different. Can you believe only one set of FP swirl chipboard survived the 40% off sale... all because the packaging was damaged and it was waiting just for me in a dusty little corner in the office. I tell you, I feel God's presence sometimes even in dusty little corners... I am really happy with how the page turned out. The MM chipboards are really fun to use too and during these challenges, I fell in love with everything Fresh Anthology.
My Cocoa Daisy kit is totally exhausted... not a piece of paper left uncut. Loved using every bit of it. 3 pages, 1 card, 1 zippered mini, 1 altered item... I am starting to enjoy coordinated kits, thanks to Tricia. It's very relaxing.
Friday evening, we went to a birthday party at Pump It Up. You won't see pics cause I was too busy having fun to remember to take the camera out... lol. I am starting to love that place... so fun to play... and it's ok for even moms to jump and scream and be a kid again... well, I guess, I got a bit carried away and sprained my ankle. It's still swollen and hurts... but it was still worth it... lol
Now, I have to get started with my Croppers' Cottage kit. I think I have an idea...
And on another note, I made the Zsiage DT... I love their India themed papers and films ... Just the right patterns and colors and feel for me.


Heather C said...

Mou, that basket is just darling! I love it! And best wishes this next round of MMIdol! You are so awesome girlfriend!

Torn-Paper Jen said...

Mou, those eggs are fabulous! What a pretty lil girl, too. I'm looking forward to working with you at Zsiage. Where can I view your stuff? Did I miss a link - Do you have a public gallery -- I wanna seeeee! :)