Monday, April 30, 2007


This is from my Cocoa Daisy May Kit. Visit the site
for more inspiration. And if you have never tried a kit before, try one by Cocoa Daisy.It will be worth every penny. Tricia puts together the best kits ever. And I LOVE her kits.

I've been and probably will a bit longer MIA... reasons being, I have a bad head cold and something wrong with my stomach too, can't keep anything down.
on top of this we have renovation going on in the house...but I'm mostly in bed, but the moise and dust are killing me
so, if you tagged me and I didn't do anything about it or you e-mailed me and i didn't respond, I'm sorry, I'll try to catch up asap.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So, I'm back

Boy, the last few days had been as hectic as it gets...
I worked Friday and Saturday. Scrapped some stuff. But my to do list is still soo long. To top it all off, I don't feel so good... tired, my throat hurts along with the rest of me.
But I have organized my DCWV, Zsiage and some other papers and embellies... shouldn't have taken long, but it did as I sat there admiring each sheet of paper, gellies, chippies...ahhh, WeLL!

My Omie is 2 now with all the perks that come with! And I am loving it. Feels like time's flying faster with him than it did with Nini...

Need to scoot.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And Making Memories Idol II

Huge Congrats to you Joey. This is my second blog post of the day in your honor. Great job!
Even though I didn't win, I am happy for you. Enjoy.

And now I have to get ready to celebrate my son's birthday tomorrow


A friend of mine on a message board asked us all a question in an attempt to know us all a little better: What is one favorite thing that we can't imagine life without?
I couldn't come up with an answer. Yes, I have a really long list of favorite things... but nothing seemed indispensable... Why I wondered? In grade school, I had favorite pencils that I didn't wanna use cause they were so favorite, chocolates that I ate like a mouse cause I didn't wanna finish because I loved them or because someone I loved dearly gave it to me... all really special stuff... that I wanted to last all eternity...
We didn't have a camera, let alone scrapbooks... I don't have photos to look back at... loved ones of whom all I have left are sweet memories that will remain in my heart always... just no objects to back them up or pass on... so, now I use words to record those memories so my children can read about them and imagine their loving faces
Then I left almost everything behind and came to the US... what I did bring with me didn't work here, so they got obsolete eventually and without knowing or thinking about it consciously, my favorites switched from tangible objects to things that are not things at all... memories, feelings of being loved and wanted and needed, faith, beliefs, friendships... I have no clue when all this happened... I guess 7 years is a long time and an overseas move alters more than I could have imagined... Yes, I do want my dad's fountain pen and anything from my mom to pass on... but its the story that will make a difference, the story I tell in my scrapbooks. Now I am beginning to understand the value of enjoying every day and building wonderful memories along the way

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today, I was reading all the comments again... so emotionally overwhelming to see so many of you taking the time to visit and leave comments on our blogs. Thank you for sharing your favorite food with me... as I read, I kept saying, "Oh That's my favorite too", "I think I want some now"...very appetizing

And Wilna, saying thank you won't be adequate for your thoughfulness... you are someone I look up to not just for your art, but for who you are.

Having a family thousands of miles away is not great, specially, when you hear they are sick. Not one, not two but three people are very sick. my grandma, mom's mom is deteriorating every day. One of my uncles has been diagnosed with a brain tumor which could be fatal if operated on. And the dearest one of all, my mom suddenly blacked out in the drug store yesterday morning... then almost got electrocuted while working in the kitchen in the evening. Thankfully, the electrician came immediately to fix the problem. The girl who helps out with housework came back this morning, so hopefully things will get back under control. Yesterday was very rough for mom. Usually, she tells me all's well so I don't worry, but I can feel the sense of discomfort even when noone says anything. I had been miserable all day feeling stupid and useless

On a more positive note, Nini got her Orange Belt in Karate. She brought home the board she broke for the test signed by her teacher. No broken board is more precious to me than this one.

Om is going to turn two in two days. Already?

Monday, April 16, 2007

MMIdol Voting Today

The projects for Challenge # 7 are up now at

We were given four black and white photos of a little boy called Zeke and we had to create a clean, simple, classic yet innovative photo decor fit for any nursery.

Well, I am very happy how mine turned out... I love the clean and clear look . It was really fun working with Zeke's photos. When I saw the photos, I instantly knew that my focus will be on the relationship rather than the individual photos, which BTW are just super cute. what a beautiful family

Going back to simple and clean was great. Very different from last week, but somehow, it all works. I can see me in it even though these are different projects. Thanks to Making Memories, my creativity has learned to become ornate to simple and back and back. Just experimenting every week has become so much fun. I am loving how even I could come up with totally different nursery decor project within a week's span. The ladder was so different from this one... just because of a little shift in focus from innovative to simple.

Hope people like what I am doing and not think that I am too crazy... lol

Friday, April 13, 2007

Playing today

Here's one of my Hall Of Fame layouts... it has been up on the CK site for a few days now...
Its all about my dreams, my efforts in adjusting to a foreign culture where I had to relearn practically every life skill, everyday necessities like language and food to redefining happiness.

I was reading Wilna's post in the MMIdol Blog this Wednesday and it felt like she was speaking my mind about success and failure. My dad taught me the same. I became serious about scrapbooking in January 2006 and have lost count of my failures... but over this time, I grew as a person, each time wiped my tears and kept going, hoping for light around the corner... that's what the above layout says... "There's No Telling How Many Miles You Have To Run While Chasing A Dream"

Now, back to something more light hearted and
What I miss most from back home is the food... the SPICY HOT INDIAN FOOD!!!
So, what is your favorite food?
Leave your answer in a comment here and you just might win a RAK from Wilna Furstenberg, the reigning MMIdol... check for more details here

P.S. Today, I'm playing... with my papers, stickers, paints... I am toying with different ideas for Challenge # 7 of MMIdol... all I need now are the photos. I did go on Thursday, but the printer was broken, so I'll give a try today...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm in the Top 3 of MMIdol

The last challenge is up... when I got Jenny's e-mail, I don't know why I started crying... Almost two months, 6 challenges later, feels like I have become a different person, how much I have grown creatively... each challenge brought out something in me that I didn't know existed, discovered friendships that I didn't think were possible, got encouragement from people whom I have never met... My faith has deepened, I don't know when I stopped creating for the sake of the challenges, it's all me, no restraints... only the joy of art
I had never cropped photos of someone I didn't know before, but during this last challenge that barrier broke... I was comfortable even though I didn't know the little girl in the photo. Thanks Making Memories for this process of creative growth... YOU SURELY FREED THE GYPSY WITHIN ME
Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote... YOU made all the difference.

Monday, April 09, 2007

MMIdol Voting Today

The projects for Challenge # 6 are up now at

We were given three black and white photos of a little girl called Hanna and we had to use chipboard as the main accent. To be creative with any chipboard in a way no one thought of before. Well, I am very happy how mine turned out... I love the richness of it. It was really fun working with photos of someone I don't know. This was my first. Combining different manufacturer's chipboards was so fun too. Pushing the creative envelope has never been more fun. With every challenge, I'm learning more about myself, my style. Thanks to Making Memories, I am encouraged to try new things or old things in new ways. Hope people like what I am doing and not think that I am too crazy... lol

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy as a bunny

Yep that's an egg carton wearing a hula
This one was so much fun to do with Nini and my DCWV stuff. We used plastic eggs, cause I have no clue how to use real ones... moreover this is more durable
Even though we don't celebrate Easter, its always wonderful to get into the festive spirit.
So, HAPPY EASTER everyone.
My MMIdol layout is all done... boy, this time I ran to the store so many times searching for the right stuff, but then went back to good old innovation to make the best of what I could get. But I have to thank Maria... without her this one would have turned out very different. Can you believe only one set of FP swirl chipboard survived the 40% off sale... all because the packaging was damaged and it was waiting just for me in a dusty little corner in the office. I tell you, I feel God's presence sometimes even in dusty little corners... I am really happy with how the page turned out. The MM chipboards are really fun to use too and during these challenges, I fell in love with everything Fresh Anthology.
My Cocoa Daisy kit is totally exhausted... not a piece of paper left uncut. Loved using every bit of it. 3 pages, 1 card, 1 zippered mini, 1 altered item... I am starting to enjoy coordinated kits, thanks to Tricia. It's very relaxing.
Friday evening, we went to a birthday party at Pump It Up. You won't see pics cause I was too busy having fun to remember to take the camera out... lol. I am starting to love that place... so fun to play... and it's ok for even moms to jump and scream and be a kid again... well, I guess, I got a bit carried away and sprained my ankle. It's still swollen and hurts... but it was still worth it... lol
Now, I have to get started with my Croppers' Cottage kit. I think I have an idea...
And on another note, I made the Zsiage DT... I love their India themed papers and films ... Just the right patterns and colors and feel for me.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm in the Top 5 of MMIdol

I'm excited to say the least. Thank you SO MUCH for voting and specially if you voted for me.

I'm so glad and excited about the next challenge.

Nini is doing better. We had pizza tonight. I ate way more than I needed to. I'm so tired today. Tired mostly from stress. Glad I had the Cocoa Daisy kit to keep me busy for some time.

It's getting hotter and hotter in Florida. Almost like Spring hardly came after the brief winter. Our seeds are sprouting. Om is too curious to see and often pulls the whole sproutlet out of the pot to examine...hmmm... I need to get used to little Seeing seeds sprout brings me joy like no other...

Today, I realized that our back patio is the most organized part of the whole house right now...
I need to clean up... the longer I wait, the scarier it gets. Once all the floors are done, things will probably get a bit simpler. Right now, its part carpet, part wood. So much for my ocean blue carpet... nautical theme decor!!! What was I but thankfully I have learned to accept that kids are more precious than spotless carpets and neat shell displays and that sand should not be part of indoor candle arrangements... lol...

Doing better hopefully

Today, Nini's eyes are more open, not so swollen any more. Hoping she will feel better today

Monday, April 02, 2007

This is how

my little girl came home from daycare today!!!

She took a nap after lunch and she woke up even worse than this. The teacher immediately called us and we took her to the doctor. couple of doses of Benadryl and eyedrops later, she could open her eyes. I was shocked and scared to see her like this. I kept trying to retrace her every step to figure out what happened. She did not fall down or got poked somehow... but through the entire thing, she stayed so brave and explained everything to me patiently... I hope my poor little girl is better by morning.
In the midst of all this, Om realized something was wrong with his big sister and so he kept giving Nini tight hugs, some drooly kisses, brought her his toys, gave her his cookie... and he's not even 2 yet...
When they napped very late in the afternoon... I got a few stuff done just to keep myself busy...

MMIdol Voting Today

The projects for Challenge # 5 are up now at

I love what I made with my baby's stuff. It was so much fun to try something that is new and different in presentation, something no one did before... to the best of my knowledge.
I wonder... can people identify me by looking at my project? If they can , I'll know that I am on the right track in developing my own style...
I have to admnit I am enjoying this process thoroughly