Sunday, March 25, 2007

MMIdol Challenge 4 is uploaded and ready

These challenges are like creative exercises... and unlike real work out, I am happy to make the time for these... lol!

Today, we had a fun day...It was sunny, breezy, kinda day... we soaked in the spa with the kids for a long time. The pool heater made it so cozy I could fall asleep right there. Then, Ashis got the floaties in and the kiddos had a lot of fun inside the spa... not much space, but just enough to fit a small family of 4.

Then we went out for lunch and did grocery on our way home. I took some pics today and got them printed as well and when we got back, I scrapped a couple of pages with the new photos... I know, unbelievable... but ever since I gave up the notion of chronological scrapping, I am happy and don't feel guilty if I have a lifetime of photos left to scrap...that's the thing, scrapbooking is NOT a duty...

At Sam's I met our neighbors... they said they saw me taking pics outside... well, that was me taking pics of my project for challenge 4... lol

Dinner's almost ready now, Ashis is on a conference call, Nini went to bed and Om is up and busy after a short nap.

Voting for MMIdol starts tommorrow. I'll upload my project here tomorrow.

Ashis is ready and we are gonna eat dinner... finally

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