Sunday, March 18, 2007

MMIdol Challenge 3 is done and uploaded finally

This week I felt that I won't be able to deliver. Nope, it was not the challenge. It was my health. Boy, I still feel so week. My ears hurt so bad, I can hardly hear. And my eyes and my head... Anyways, I sat down yesterday and did my project. Being restricted to basics was actually fun. Of course, I haven't seen the Show and Tell book and so I'm clueless as to what great ideas are in there or how it would have affected my project But for now, I'm just showing and telling what I can do with what is allowed. Hope people don't think I'm too
Voting will open tomorrow, Monday morning 11am EDT and continue till 7pm EDT Tuesday.

Ashis has been crazy busy for the whole week too. I have cooked minimally. There's a load of laundry thats taller than me ...waiting to be sorted, folded, pressed, put away...

Since the last MMIdol project, Nini wants to do more projects with me and that makes me very happy. Hopefully, I can manage to do something with her today.

These days, I can't seem to get enough of the Prima Aurora Collection. Last night, I finished my rusty Pickle layouts for the Cottage. What seemed impossible to handle at the start, turned out to be pretty easy and fun actually.

Off to take a smallish nap before I fall face flat on my desk and bleed on my

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