Sunday, March 11, 2007

MM Idol Challenge # 2 is done and uploaded finally

Today, I started my day early. That's unusual for me. BTW, early means 8am or actually 7am(daylight savings). Nini has been sleeping in my bed all week. Poor thing's just too sick to be on her own. She couldn't sleep well and each time I had to wake up to comfort her... so basically, at 7, I decided to give up trying to fall asleep.
Last night, I had finished my project for challenge # 2 of MM idol. Nini was extremely excited to be invited to contribute to Mommy's project. She painted parts of it, some yellow, all of the purple in her own style... she won't do the green as that's not her favorite color. So anyways, after spending time together watching the paint dry and answering all the questions she can think of, we got to the part where she could write on the project. That went well too. It was so much fun to do something together for a contest. Usually, I like to keep our projects separate but thanks to Making Memories, we broke that barrier yesterday.
The morning was too foggy, still managed to take pictures of the project and was ready to upload. That's where I almost got a nervous breakdown. For hours, and by that I mean, 8 hours, I tried opening the link, emailing and posting if it was just me or the site. Eventually, I did upload it. I had one from before but I thought I liked this new project better and hence the updated uploading delay.
Anyways, it's on. Hope you guys like it enough to vote for me. Counting on your continued support totally.

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Rita said...

Can't wait to see your latest project Mou! Hope Nini feels better soon!