Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm thankful

I have to say, I could get this project for MM Idol done only because of Ashis. We are all very sick since last week and right now, throw-up, going dizzy, losing balance kinda sick... yet he looked after the kids who are just as sick and whiny on top. It didn't take long to do the project. Poor Nini had to lie down in between painting. and then she could write, although I was worried that she just might throw up on the project... she was coughing so hard. So, thanks to Ashis, Nini, Om and all who are voting for me. For those who have tried and failed to vote, please try to come back and vote... I wish things were perfect where there were no glitches but sadly, I have no control over these things. Only 25 people will move to the next round. I'd really love to to be able to move to the next round. For now, I'm just going to create something as I am way too agitated to rest... if i could only stop coughing and have a little stability

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