Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Day

I couldn't sleep last night. I went to bed at 3. Of course, I was scrapbooking! what else can keep me up that late! But then I couldn't sleep. So, I lay on bed and listened to the rain, the wind and other noises that I couldn't tell the sources of. I can't tell when I dozed off. I woke up to a very grumpy Ashis. Of course, he won't say a thing. But this time, instead of playing the guessing game, Nini and I made him a card. I made the dog in a hat and Nini wrote my name and put the doll in the doll in the dog's mouth.
That put a smile on his face.
I'm making a travel album of California road trip that we took in 2005. Yeah, I'm that far behind and I'm totally ok with that. I believe in working on stuff that I want to at any given time and I don't even care about chronological order any more.

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susan opel said...

Who needs chronology? :)

Congrats on MM Idol, Mou!