Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Woo hoo... today is a good mail day... I got my complimentary copy of the Legacy magazine today...April issue. P.10-13 has all the finished pages of my altered calendar.
I am very fond of this magazine, the artwork are very artsy and a lot of them are vintage, shabby chic looking while some are very freestyle. overall, it strikes me! So happy to become part of it.
This Saturday, my CK Top 10 issue came finally. I get so excited to see my work in print...I guess, that's because this is fairly new to me and a wonderful way of sharing our art and our lives with others.
Tomorrow is our upload date at the cottage gallery...can't wait to see what everyone created.
I have watched 4 movies in the past two days.
Tonight I have to cook dinner.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday Jan 6 2007 :

A very special day
Today was a very special day...I pushed myself to set up a blog that I had been planning to set up for ages. We went to a birthday party in the evening at Pump It Up. We went gift shopping before that. But what made it incredible was that I met Phyllis at Ruban Rouge. And she gave me a huge rolling tote full of craft goodies, a gift from Autumn Leaves, my most 'favoritest' (if I may borrow my 4-year-old's expression!) manufacturer ever. At Memory Trends, each day I stood at their booth and drooled for at least 20 minutes before starting out. In fact, when the Cream, Red and Black Collection hit the stores, I stocked up enough to last me a decade. It was so kind of them to congratulate me in such a special way for making the SOY finals. And, Phyllis is such a lovely lady. Thank you, Phyllis.I'm waiting for Ashis to finish up his office work, so we can finish up watching the movie that we had started watching before Christmas...yeah!I have to get all the new photos off my camera. So, now I'll go do that.

long time...no post

I am enjoying the KI Petshop a lot these days...this line's just too cute! And even if we don't have birds, it still works.