Thursday, November 15, 2018

One Life Book Lesson FREE for You!

Want a FREE Life Book lesson?! Well, you’re in luck! Tam is offering one of this year’s Life Book 2018 lessons for free for 2 weeks! You can get it for 100% off by clicking here: FREE CLASS, add the class to your basket and then use discount code: DREAMS2019 to get this course 100% for free.

Please note, the 100% off free coupon code lasts for 2 weeks only. It will expire on November 28th 2018! So get on it now: FREE CLASS! Once you get it for free, your access to it won’t expire, but you need make sure you get it for free in the next 2 weeks or so, after that it reverts back to paid class.

For this free lesson you’ll be making this beautiful Garden Fairy and ‘tend to our dreams’ for the future. Enjoy!!

And if you love it, I hope you will consider signing up to Life Book 2019, Tam creates lessons like this one for Life Book throughout the year! Yay!

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