Monday, August 06, 2018

Tutorial: "Amazing" Trinket Box

My mom had this powder mauve crushed velvet pillow-top trinket box with a golden latch which I loved to explore as a kid. In it were semi-precious stones, some of them family heirlooms, that I held up against the sunlight with my tiny fingers and watched them sparkle. They looked so magical as the light revealed streaks of colors hidden in their hearts. My imagination traveled to far-off places with these translucent enchanting gems.

Even as a grown-up, I still find trinket boxes to be fascinating! Lately, Jia, my youngest, is starting to enjoy Tinkerbell and other fairy stories. This made it the perfect time to make her a fairy trinket box of her own.  

Here's a list of supplies, I used to make the Trinket Box:

To die-cut the Trinket Box, create the following Sizzix Sandwich -
NOTE: You will need to die-cut two of the arching pieces (the part from which you cut the window for the front) to complete one box. You don't need to cut the window for the second piece because it will go at the base or back.

To assemble the box part of the Trinket Box, fold along the creased lines, match up the flaps and apply adhesive to hold the two side pieces together. Attach the base piece with adhesive. 

TIP: Because the mat boards are thick, you may need rubber bands to hold the shape while the adhesive sets.

Cut a piece of clear acetate with scissors to fit behind the die-cut window. Attach it with adhesive.

Attach the front and back pieces of the Trinket Box to the two long edges of the spine with adhesive.

Attach the assembled box to the inside of the back cover.

Paint the box with Gelatos colors and blend them with Gesso using a paint brush.

Once the base layer of colors dries, start adding embellishments to your Trinket Box.

Be sure to paint the insides of the Trinket Box as well.

I wanted to add a fairy to my Trinket Box and some flowers and leaves. To die-cut the Fairy and leaves, you'll need to create the following Sizzix Sandwich:

  • Place the other Standard Cutting Pad on top and start turning the handle of your SizzixBig Shot Machine Only (White and Gray). The rollers in the Big Shot machine will propel the entire sandwich through the machine and you’ll have your die-cut pieces ready.
Paint the fairy and leaves as you like and set them aside while you decorate the base of the Trinket Box. I attached a piece of patterned paper to cover up the adhesive joints. 

Use the cut-out oval shape from the window as a template to mark the spot where you'll add your fairy. Apply Gel Medium around the marked spot and sprinkle in silver glitter. Let the glitter sit for some time and seal it with a top coat of gel medium. Some of the loose glitter will fall off and that's okay. The glitter, of course, is totally optional. I added it to mimic 'pixie dust'.

Mount the fairy to the painted oval shape and mount the oval to the center of the box. I added some leaves and flower to the fairy to finish. 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I had so much fun making this Trinket Box and I believe you'll too!

Note: I am a project designer for Sizzix. Sizzix provided me with the above dies to create the above project. If you click the links to buy these dies, I will earn an itsy bitsy portion of the sale. Use the code SZB2015 at checkout. You get 15% off and I get an itsy bitsy portion of the sale. It's win-win!  

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