Friday, March 03, 2017

Book Review: The Power of Meaning - Crafting A Life That Matters

The power of meaning..."It's not some great revelation. It's pausing to say hi to a newspaper vendor and reaching out to someone at work who seems down. It's helping people get in better shape and being a good parent or mentor to a child. It's sitting in awe beneath a starry night sky and going to a medieval prayer service with friends. It's opening a coffee shop for struggling veterans. It's listening attentively to a loved one's story. It's taking care of a plant. These may be humble acts on their own. But taken together, they light up the world." This conclusion is based on the various stories presented in Emily Esfahani Smith's book The Power of Meaning - Crafting A Life That Matters. These are stories of belonging, redeeming, resilience, growth, transcendence and above all, finding a real purpose in one's life to live meaningfully. 

Of the stories told, I could identify with the Indian photographer from Mumbai, her culture shock on coming to the US and her realization that one's unique potential will reveal itself at the right time and become the purpose of one's life.

Living meaningfully is not an abstract concept. It has very concrete health benefits as well as research has revealed. Creating fulfilling and empowering experiences for ourselves and our communities make us useful human beings and give our lives much-needed meaning. The personal stories of ordinary people bring this concept to life. 

Great read!

*I got this book from Bloging for Books for this review.

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