Monday, November 07, 2016

Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea + Tutorial

Hello, hello... I'm so excited to share this Thanksgiving place setting tutorial with you today! Almost 17 years ago, I came to the States and was in utter culture shock. Over time, I began to feel like this is my home away from home. All three of our children were born here and as the older ones began school, I learned more about the celebrations and festivals of America. We adapted and began to join in, in our own ways. Autumn being my favorite season, the festivities of Autumn are also my favorite, especially Thanksgiving. Every year since 2011, from the time my son Om was 6, he has made sure that he helps his dad cook a Thanksgiving meal for the whole family, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce - the whole lot. 

While the boys attend to the food, I love to set the table. And every year, I write a note to each family member telling them why I am thankful for them that year. I encourage the kids to share their notes. While they don't always do that, I know that they find ways to express their gratitude toward each other.

This year, I decided to create tea cup place settings using the Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Tea Cup, 3-D by Eileen Hull.

To die-cut the tea cup, create the following Sizzix Sandwich: lay the Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Tea Cup, 3-D blade-side up. On the die, lay a sheet of the Sizzix Little Sizzles - 6" x 13" Mat Board Pack, 6 Cream Sheets. Place the die and mat board between a pair of Sizzix Accessory Extended Cutting Pads. Pass the whole sandwich through the Sizzix Big Shot machine. From this pass, you'll get only one tea cup surface. You need two pieces to make one tea cup. I usually am very frugal with my mat boards and try to move the remnant mat boards around to get as many cuts as I can.

Repeat the above as many times as the number of teacups you need.

Fold the central strip along the crease lines. That's the piece that will help you turn the two-dimensional tea cups 3D.

Glue the front piece of the tea cup to the 3D strip. Once it's dry, glue the back piece to finish assembling the tea cup.

Apply a coat of gesso to the tea cup.

Color the tea cup with Gelatos colors.

Apply Whipped Spackle or another texture paste with palette knife through a stencil. Let dry completely.

Add more colors to the tea cup with Gelatos colors and a touch of shin with the Gold Texture Luxe.

Color the plate and tea bag tag. Attach some string to the tag.

Don't forget to write the person's name on the tag.

On a piece of vellum, write your thankful note to the recipient. When the ink dries, roll it up and tie with a string. Fold your napkin and place it in your teacup along with your thankful note. Place it on the table and your place setting is ready! 
If you are making several tea cups, create them production style - first diecut all the pieces for every tea cup, then assemble each tea cup, color them all at the same time, apply paste one by one, write the names on the tags, string them up and tie to each tea cup. Write your note and insert them. 
I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and will give this tea cup die, your own creative twist!
Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Pads, Extended, 1 Pair
Sizzix Big Shot Machine Only (White and Gray)
Others: paint brush, gesso, gel medium, Gelatos, stencil, Whipped Spackle, Gold Texture Luxe, pen, paper, string, scissors, palette knife

Note: I am a project designer for Sizzix. Sizzix provided me with the above dies to create the above project. If you click the links to buy these dies, I will earn an itsy bitsy portion of the sale. Use the code SZB2015 at checkout. You get 15% off and I get an itsy bitsy portion of the sale. It's win-win!  


BunnyD said...

What a pretty project! Great use for this darling die which I've never noticed before! I love texture paste and use it often. Some of the new glitter ones look fun but I think I'll try some glitter in clear medium first. Experiment!

Sandy said...

Love it!!!
Sandy xx