Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some Organization Tips From My Studio

Hello there! Hope your hump day is going smoothly.

Today, I am sharing with you a peek into my studio. Since our move to the new home, I haven't had much time to decorate my studio space.  

As with any moving into a new space, there's been a phase of trying to make the furniture that I had fit into the new space, simply because this is a new space plan and it requires creative re-configuration of everything.  

I have swapped furniture between all our rooms. When the arrangements seemed reasonable and tolerable, I set up a basic workspace with only the items that are essential for my ongoing projects. To be honest, I have to admit that much of what I loved in my space previously are still in boxes in the basement.

Here's a view of my desk where I do most of my work these days. There's another table where I shoot my videos. The move pushed me to make room for shooting inside my studio rather than on our dining table. 

Since, I design for a few different companies, I always try to make sure that I keep the products separate from each other and from my personal stash of supplies. Let me show you how I organize my supplies from Richard Garay.  

Along the way, I'll also show you a behind-the-scenes look at my process behind each tutorial I post on this blog.

Here are some ideas that I find helpful in keeping my space organized and accessible.

I buy these scrapbook boxes from Michael's. They come in a few different colors if you prefer your things color coded. I use them to store 12x12 papers and sometimes projects in progress if I have multiple projects going on at the same time. It keeps them flat and dust free.

I plan a lot of my studio organization around office supplies. I have found many uses for these magazine holders aside from storing and displaying magazines. They are great for keeping packs of 8.5 x 11 inches cardstock and other letter sized papers

They are also great for the bigger dies that various manufacturers are launching these days. Standing them up inside the holders makes it easier to get them out. I never stack my dies because I fear that pressure from the top dies will mess up the bottom ones. Besides, that would make it harder to access them.

 Small plastic crates are great for storing ink pads and adhesives. They come in a rainbow of colors you can choose from or keep it unified with just color. 

You could also use wooden crates that are all the rage nowadays. Finding vintage crates isn't always easy, but you can paint and distress your own with unfinished wooden crates sold in craft stores.

Many stamp sets come with matching dies. I store them in their original envelopes to keep them together and stand them inside small crates. One important thing to remember is to not stuff the crates too tight.

I find storing tools like scissors, bone folder, brushes, brayer, etc. in a jar to be the easiest. Here I used a vintage big square green glass jar to match the green of my Richard Garay tools.

I keep the Color Splashes in a small glass tray. This works for me because I have very few of these colors. I'll switch to a crate or box as my collection grows.

I usually start a project in my notebook. I might sketch, jot down some ideas and just plan it out. Next, I'll get the stuff I need out. This is super important when I shoot a video.

With my supplies at hand and plan in place, I proceed to make the project. If it's a step-out tutorial, I take photos along the way.

And of course, I take a few photos of the finished project.

Then it's time to transfer images, videos, etc. to the computer and edit them. After the images are edited and the post is drafted, I email the DT coordinator, the lovely Julie Garcia-Matus the hi-resolution images and links.  

On the scheduled day, my post appears here on my blog and eventually gets shared on social media

And it all happens in this space right now!

Hope you enjoyed today's post and feel free to share your organization tips or ask questions in the comments.

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Frank George said...

You have great ideas for making the most of a small work space. I especially like your tip about using scrapbook boxes to store loose papers. Dust in a major problem for me, so these will work perfectly in my office, in addition to keeping the papers in one place when I turn the fan on.