Saturday, April 23, 2016

Approval Junkie: A Review

When I first saw the book cover and read the title, all the gold stars reminded me of Max Lucado's You Are Special where the wemmicks gave each other gold stars of approval and grey dots of disapproval. I knew I had to read this book because the title sounded like it could be me! I too am a people pleaser and to some extent, most girls and women I know, are too.

As I started reading it, I laughed out loud at her humor at places and her compounding of words like 'wasband' for ex-husband, 'noga' for yoga pants in which she never really did yoga, or 'yobbling' for yelling while sobbing- drew such vivid mental pictures! Then there were such poignant moments of confusion and sorrow over the loss of her beloved mother, failing of her marriage, struggles with her body image, and more. 

This book is a woman's journey from seeking external approval to accepting that such a quest may not be all in vain after all as long as it is not all we are pining for and are willing to balance it with self-acceptance.

In Faith Salie's own words, "Seeking approval has not undone me. It's done me;'s built me." "There is no downside to:

  • Making good grades
  • Doing the extra credit
  • Not doing drugs
  • Praying..."
Approval Junkie is a must-read!

Read more about Approval Junkie here and the author, Faith Salie here.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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