Friday, March 11, 2016

Oops...Pop UP!

I begin this post with an apology! 

Yesterday, a friend drew my attention to the fact that the 'close' button on my newsletter sign up pop up form is not working. My sincerest apologies if this got in your way. 

I was not aware of this problem because it didn't happen to me across all my platforms when I tested on every device we have at home which includes laptops, desktops, phones, i-pads, tablets, etc. The button closed if I wanted to close it. But that has not been the case with some of you. 

I looked for solutions all day yesterday. Did research, found articles discussing this issue with sign up forms. I even signed up for a several newsletters myself via pop up forms on my favorite sites. It turns out that this is happening due to some error inherent in the code that I copied and pasted as I was directed by the host web site. I have no experience with or understanding of codes myself. But I am working on it to get it fixed. 

I have moved the location of the form to keep it from getting in the way. But again, this is trial and error for me. So, please bear with me while I work this out.

And thank you SO MUCH Sarah for bringing this to my attention. Otherwise, I would not have known.  


Rita Montgomery said...

Hi. It happened to me but I thought it might be on my end. I tried a few days later and it was back to normal. Thanks for a great blog. :)

Mou Saha said...

Rita, THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting your experience in the comment! I'm still unsure if the changes I made fixed the issue. And thanks for visiting and reading my blog!

Karen Petitt said...

I managed to clear it this time but not others. I do so struggle with much of this technology lol! Karen x

Mou Saha said...

Thanks for sharing your feedback with me, Karen!
It seems that the issue is not consistent. Happening to some of us on some instances, but not to others. I'm still looking for solutions and APPRECIATE your patience so very much!

Angela Skellams said...
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Angela Skellams said...
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Angela Skellams said...

I'd posted about the problem on the Faber-Castell blog - the popup made your site into a large picture that I couldn't do anything with.

It was a 100% of the time problem for me - now it's all fixed - thanks so much! :)

Mou Saha said...

Angela, thank you so much! After reading your comment, I went and checked my website and fixed the issue there as well. I appreciate your feedback so very much! I had no idea this was happening.