Thursday, March 24, 2016

Little ADORABLE Felted Dogs! 
When I first saw the book 'Little Felted Dogs: Easy Projects for Making Adorable Dogs' by Saori Yamazaki, I was immediately drawn to the CUTE cover image! But unlike many books that feature the most attractive project on the cover, every image in this book is absolutely adorable. 

The author begins by dedicating this book to all the lovely dogs of this world... being a dog lover myself, I could personally relate to that sentiment. She goes on to list and describe the essential tools of felting, what types of wool work best and how to prepare the wool for felting.

With a pictorial, she shows the basic construction techniques for felting  a dog with highlighted helpful tips. Then she offers detailed step-by-step instructions for putting together several breeds of dogs with suggested weights of each color of wool, labeled diagrams of each dog for dimensions, color combinations, etc. 

The artistry is incredible in the expressions of the felted dogs that bring out their unique personalities. You just want to pick them up and cuddle! There are the Bull dog, Golden Retriever, Toy Poodle, Dalmatian, Pug, to name just a few of the total 24 breeds represented.

Is this book going to make you an expert felting artist instantly? No. But it will give you a great head start if you are looking to hone your skill. It's a great book for a crafter and any dog lover! We (my kids and I) are planning to start with the Poodle!

This book is sure to make one smile!

Saori Yamazaki has several other books on felting. You can read more about her here and about Little Felted Dogs here.
*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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