Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hungry to learn something new

Don't you sometimes feel hungry for new knowledge? Something, you have not done before? Something that intrigues you quite a bit? Something that you are ready to explore?

Printmaking has been an intriguing subject for me. In my teen years I had a few opportunities to watch some artists in their studios making relief prints. Later, I got to see artisans making block prints on fabric. I have dabbled in mono printing myself time to time. Recently, I found a book that re-ignited my interest in printmaking. 

Modern Printmaking: A Guide to Traditional and Digital Techniques by Sylvie Covey is a book that explores, in the author's own words, "human beings' affinity for leaving a trace - a print - to posterity". It gives a backdrop of how the art of printmaking evolved over the course of time along with detailed descriptions of the various techniques of the different types of printmaking.

The gorgeous art photographs along with artist profiles by the author offer glimpses into the unique individual processes of the artists in six different areas of printmaking: relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, mixed media and post-digital. The division of content into sections make for easy and quick reference.

The step-by-step descriptions of techniques along with explanations of what works and why as well as list of supplies that are easily available makes this book a great resource for the novice and even intermediate printmaker. 

I picked this book up to learn something new. It definitely opened my eyes to creative possibilities that are new to me. While I don't yet have many of the tools of printmaking, this book had me thinking about using my supplies with some of the techniques the author elaborated. I am hoping to share my takes on these techniques in future posts. It's going to be an interesting adventure!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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