Wednesday, March 30, 2016

For Hair and Beyond

When Nini started taking dance lessons in the summer of 2013, I didn't know exactly what I was signing up for. Pretty soon, I was having to do much more than just taking her to classes and waiting. I had to know which shop in town carried the right shade of dance tights the school wanted, which warehouse in Pennsylvania was the only one that carried a certain kind of split sole jazz shoes, what size of nude leotard she needed and such. 

Then, there were costumes which thankfully, I didn't have to make myself, but just had to make the money to pay for. Oh yeah, then there were hair and make-up - that was the deep end of the pool for me. I learned to do her make-up fast enough, but hair-dos were my undoing!

I had short hair much of my life which I never did more than keep clean and run a brush through. Then when I had really long hair, I just braided it or made a messy bun with my bare hands. But you can't expect that skill to hold up for a dancer leaping across the stage or swirling like a doll in a music box. It's a good thing that we have good friends who are good at stuff. 

I bought packs of bobby pins, gels, sprays, nets... well, basically, everything they sell in the hair aisles and sent her off to shows. Then she started learning how to do it herself. It wasn't perfect at the beginning, but it was a start. I kept looking for resources to help her learn.

When I found this book by Anne Thoumieux called Hairstyled: 75 Ways to to Braid, Pin & Accessorize Your Hair, I was eager to know if the styles will be doable for my daughter. The answer is YES!
There are 75 different styles in the book fit for various lengths and types of hair. The do's don't require too many fancy products. You may already have many of them in your stash. Some of the styles are for casual everyday looks and some are for more formal occasions. Every style is stepped out with photos and explained in only 3-5 steps. Each style is also rated for difficulty level. They don't seem very hard to do, but will require patience to learn.

Now, that wasn't the only value I got from this book. 

I decided to review this book on my blog for a very different reason though - something that might interest you a lot more.
I am using it to study the styles to practice my drawing skills. Let me show you what I mean:

What do you think?

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


jbonomo said...

What a fabulous idea! Great portrait.

Mou Saha said...

Thanks Julie!