Sunday, February 28, 2016

Are you a Planner?


Are you a planner? A list-maker? An organized creative?

I am a list maker. I am not very organized. I'm new to planners.

As 2015 drew to a close, I shopped for planners. My main goal was to find a planner that was big enough to not only house my to-do lists, but also jot down what happened that day. In a way, my planners need to double as diaries where I can write some details about my day, observations, reminders, and add some doodles and illustrations to satisfy my creative side. I ended up buying two. 

You may wonder why on earth does a girl need more than one planner! 

I didn't have a logical reason when I made my purchases. But as the new year rolled in, I dedicated those two planners to two different purposes. One was memory keeping. The other, lettering practice. Each planner provides me a calendar spread for each month, so marking down appointments, due dates, etc. that I need to keep track of is really simple.

Then, I was gifted a third planner by Team Richard Garay! That's the black-and-white beauty you are seeing at the top of this post.

Of all my planners, this one is the prettiest! I bought my other ones with a goal to alter them, interior and exterior. This one isn't like that. It came ready. The only decoration I added is that cute yellow tassel, also from Richard Garay.

I decided that I am going to have fun with this planner. To deck it up with stamps, stickers, stencils, along with doodling, brush-lettering and other handmade touches.

On this page, I stamped a doll, cut it out, and pasted it on the page and brush-lettered to record that we enjoyed making some paper dolls. 

I used a Noteworthy washi phone sticker on Wednesday to record that my husband had to use a vintage rotary phone at the hotel to call me because someone picked up his mobile phone and took off while he was buying water at a gas station in Virginia while traveling for his conference!

Here I used the Bloom Wall stencil to add a touch of color and pattern.

Here's another spread where I have not only used more Noteworthy Washi stickers but also my personal painterly touches.

The speech bubbles and the pen are stickers and they blend seamlessly with the 'Amazing' stamp and my hand painted details and brush and pen lettering.

And this is how far I have gotten in my planner. I'll share more images from my various planners throughout the year.

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I would LOVE to see what you are doing with your planners. If you post your planner images on Instagram, post your handles in the comments, so I can check them out. 

And here's where you can find me out on Instagram: @color_happy_creations

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