Monday, February 29, 2016

Things You Can Make with your Cricut Explore One™ Machine

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 What do you like to make with your die-cutting machine the most?
I use my die-cuts on my scrapbook layouts, to personalize stationary, on home decor, just to name a few! Better still, let me show you some of the projects I did using my Cricut Explore One™ Machine. And guess what? They are all in shades of blue! 


Here's a layout embellished with designs by Anna Griffin who is a licensed designer for Cricut.

This journal was personalized with a monogram on a die-cut back plate.

Cricut vinyl helped me create this little room decor hanger. 

And last but not the least is this set of monogrammed stationary.

With the wide variety of materials you can cut with your Cricut Explore One™ Machine, you are not limited to paper crafting alone. Use the designs to deck up an old lampshade or revamp a pillow or a tray... well, you get the idea!

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The Best Machine for DIY Projects 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Are you a Planner?


Are you a planner? A list-maker? An organized creative?

I am a list maker. I am not very organized. I'm new to planners.

As 2015 drew to a close, I shopped for planners. My main goal was to find a planner that was big enough to not only house my to-do lists, but also jot down what happened that day. In a way, my planners need to double as diaries where I can write some details about my day, observations, reminders, and add some doodles and illustrations to satisfy my creative side. I ended up buying two. 

You may wonder why on earth does a girl need more than one planner! 

I didn't have a logical reason when I made my purchases. But as the new year rolled in, I dedicated those two planners to two different purposes. One was memory keeping. The other, lettering practice. Each planner provides me a calendar spread for each month, so marking down appointments, due dates, etc. that I need to keep track of is really simple.

Then, I was gifted a third planner by Team Richard Garay! That's the black-and-white beauty you are seeing at the top of this post.

Of all my planners, this one is the prettiest! I bought my other ones with a goal to alter them, interior and exterior. This one isn't like that. It came ready. The only decoration I added is that cute yellow tassel, also from Richard Garay.

I decided that I am going to have fun with this planner. To deck it up with stamps, stickers, stencils, along with doodling, brush-lettering and other handmade touches.

On this page, I stamped a doll, cut it out, and pasted it on the page and brush-lettered to record that we enjoyed making some paper dolls. 

I used a Noteworthy washi phone sticker on Wednesday to record that my husband had to use a vintage rotary phone at the hotel to call me because someone picked up his mobile phone and took off while he was buying water at a gas station in Virginia while traveling for his conference!

Here I used the Bloom Wall stencil to add a touch of color and pattern.

Here's another spread where I have not only used more Noteworthy Washi stickers but also my personal painterly touches.

The speech bubbles and the pen are stickers and they blend seamlessly with the 'Amazing' stamp and my hand painted details and brush and pen lettering.

And this is how far I have gotten in my planner. I'll share more images from my various planners throughout the year.

Hazelnut Blend True Color Fusion Ink Pad Product # [IP-0012]

I would LOVE to see what you are doing with your planners. If you post your planner images on Instagram, post your handles in the comments, so I can check them out. 

And here's where you can find me out on Instagram: @color_happy_creations

Saturday, February 27, 2016

How to use your Mini Correspondence die on a layout


Check out the Sizzix blog post: Scrapbook Layout: Showcase Your Sweet Memories to see how I used Brenda Walton's Mini Correspondence die to add some super FUN touches to this layout! 

I also want to direct you to this post: Our 15 Favorites of Brenda Walton's Favorite Things, also on the Sizzix blog. You'll find several beautiful and fun project ideas using Brenda's lovely dies.

I am also excited to share that three of those hand-picked projects are MINE! 

Like this Elephant Canvas Nursey decor using Sizzix Bigz L Die - Elephant.
Our 15 Favorites of Brenda Walton's Favorite Things 

Our 15 Favorites of Brenda Walton's Favorite Things

Note: I am a project designer for Sizzix. Sizzix provided me with the above dies to create the above project. If you click the links to buy these dies, I will earn an itsy bitsy portion of the sale. Use the code SZB2015 at checkout. You get 15% off and I get an itsy bitsy portion of the sale. It's win-win!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to Create a Fringed, Layered Layout Background


What's the first thought that comes to your mind when you think 'fringes'? 
My first thought was pinata. And that set off a whole train of other thoughts: celebration, fun, colorful, children, happy...
I am quite fond of fringes. Love how they move! And when I like something, I start thinking how to use that idea in something I create. So, that train of thought became this layout with layered, fringed background!

To create this layout, you'll need:  

Here's the video. I hope you watch and enjoy.

Please let me know in your comments if you liked the project. And feel free to share and subscribe!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

How to Create Decorative Magnets with RG Wood Chips


Happy Sunday morning my dear friends! Here's a bit of creative inspiration for you: a detailed video tutorial about how to create decorative magnets with wood shapes.

I created mine with RG Lumberjack Days Wood Chips along with Color Splash sprays to stain them, stencils to add details with and magnetic tape to give them the strength to hold on.

Here's the complete list of supplies:
  • RG Lumberjack Days Wood Chips, LJAC-004
  • Color Splash: Lemon Grass, Pineapple Smoothie, Cool Pool, Watermelon
  • Others: Sealer, Paint brushes, Pencil, Palette, Magnet

Here's the video. I hope you watch and enjoy.

Please let me know in your comments if you liked the project. And feel free to share and subscribe!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Let Inspiration Find You

Recently, I visited the Toy Fair in NYC with my oldest daughter. While I didn't go in expecting to be inspired, I was. I don't yet know how that inspiration will express itself some day but I'm open to its possibilities. Hope you find this blog post about that visit inspiring as well.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Did you hear about the new Cricut Access™?

First, let me mention that this post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

I have been using Cricut Design Space™ myself for over a year now. Let me share a few of my favorite designs that I have used repeatedly for design team work as well as my personal creations.

These die-cut designs are by Anna Griffin in Cricut Design Space. If this isn't your style, you are still sure to find plenty that ARE in Cricut's library of over 30,000 images (from baby to everyday to hunting and exploring and life events and more), over 1,000 Make It Now™ projects (where everything is sized and ready for you to just select and cut), and 370 fonts!

If you sign up for Cricut Access™, you get unlimited access to all those images, fonts and projects!!!
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The  Cricut Access™ is really afforadable and a GREAT resource for any avid crafter! Try out the monthly Cricut Access™ and see for yourself if this is for you or not. If it is, save even more with an annual subscription. Click the banner below to sign up today! 
  Cricut Access

Happy crafting!

A Girl with Hearts in Her Hair


Hello there! Mou here today with a tutorial for painting a girl with Gelatos® and Texture Luxe.

Whether you are painting a realistic portrait or a fantasy one like mine, there are shades of Gelatos® that can help you achieve a wide variety of skin tones. I used three main Gelatos® colors for mine: Buttercream, Coconut and Guava

Did you know that Gelatos® are now also available as open stock? That means you can buy only the colors that you use the most!

Here are the supplies I used for today's project:
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos®: Buttercream, Bubblegum, CherryCoconut, Cotton Candy, Iced Chai, Iced Pear, Guava, Licorice, Margarita Mix, Metallic Mint
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Square Journal Boards
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Deluxe Waterbrush
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Textural Accents: Texture Luxe™ Gold and Pearl
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos Tool set

Now, let me show you my steps.


Start out by sketching a face.


Color the background with blue and green Gelatos®.


Color the face and hair next.


Create shadows and highlights and add details.


Apply some Texture Luxe Gold with palette knife.


Apply Texture Luxe Pearl through stencil.


While the Texture Luxe Pearl is still wet, stamp into it. Let dry.

Add a butterfly wing and your project is done!

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and have fun with Texture Luxe TM that now comes in gorgeous shades of Gold, Silver, Pearl and brand new Copper!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Take the Challenge with Mou, Febuary 2016 at the Design Memory Craft blog

Welcome to the second Take the Challenge of 2016 with Mou!

If you are new to this blog, let me fill you in about Take the Challenge. Every month, on the first Monday, I'll post a challenge and my take on it. You'll have 12 days to take this on. Leave a comment to the challenge post with a link to your creation based on that challenge. We will pick ONE winner from among the readers who participated in that month's challenge. And the winners will get a prize from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®. 

It's February and it's all about HEARTS! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, your challenge this February is to create something with a heart.

I created a card as my take for this challenge. Let me walk you through the steps starting with a list of supplies.
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Textural Accents & tools:
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Stamper's Big Brush Pen COLD GREY III
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Essential PITT Artist pen BLACK
Others: cardstock, sewing machine thread


Color a piece of cardstock with Paper Crafter Crayons.

Stitch the cardstock into a heart shape. Cut around with scissors.

Lay the stencil over the heart and apply Texture Luxe Copper.

Ink up a script stamp with Stamper's Big Brush pen and stamp on the heart. Outline the the stenciled design with Gesso. 

Machine stitch the heart to a card. 

With PITT Artist pen, write the sentiment by the heart on the card to finish.

Don't forget to share your challenge creations with us... just leave a comment to this challenge post with link to your project image(s) by Sunday, 2/29 and we will pick TWO winners randomly to each win a tub of Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Texture Luxe™ Pearl!

Don't forget to check back on Monday, 3/7 to see if YOU won! Good luck to all!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I Am Lost Without You!


Hello there! Is there someone in your life without whom you'll be lost? If you answered yes, then you should totally make this card for that special person using these cute Sizzix dies by Debi Potter!

Start by die-cutting the Kitten and Garden Flowers. To do so, create the following Sizzix sandwich: lay the Sizzix Bigz Die - Kitten blade side up on a Sizzix Accessory Cutting Pads - Standard. Lay cardstock on the blade surface of the Kitten die and cover with the other Standard Cutting Pad. Pass the whole sandwich through the Sizzix Big Shot machine.

Repeat the same sandwich as above to die-cut the flower, leaves, etc. with the Sizzix Bigz Die - Garden Flower.

Here are all the die-cut pieces.

Attach the die-cut pieces of the Kitten and Garden Flower to a 5.5" x 5.5" card.

Outline the pieces with a black pen.

Color the Kitten and Garden Flower with Gelatos colors.

Color the background with Gelatos and watercolor pencil.

Draw some hearts on the background.

Brushletter your sentiment 'I am lost without you!' or stamp it. Cut out and attach to card to finish. 

Sizzix Bigz Die - Kitten
Sizzix Bigz Die - Garden Flower
Sizzix Accessory Cutting Pads - Standard
Sizzix Big Shot machine

Others: cardstock, Gelatos, watercolor pencils, paint brush, pen, paint, adhesive

Note: I am a project designer for Sizzix. Sizzix provided me with the above dies to create the above project. If you click the links to buy these dies, I will earn an itsy bitsy portion of the sale. Use the code SZB2015 at checkout. You get 15% off and I get an itsy bitsy portion of the sale. It's win-win!