Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Painterly Christmas Memory Journal, continued

We start our Christmas vacation today...YAY!
A few weeks back, when I was shopping at Macy's, there was a lady checking out before me. The cashier was chitchatting with her and asked her, "Are you ready for the holidays?" The customer responded, "I have to be!" Isn't that so true? Whether we feel ready or not, events come, deadlines are reached, milestones are crossed and we have to show up and deliver. That reminds me of the idiom I studied back in grade school, "Time and tide wait for none." The older I grow, the truth of that statement sinks in deeper each day.

Tomorrow is Christmas. To all those who celebrate, wish you the MERRIEST of Christmas!

I hope, you feel ready!
If you have fallen behind on your Memory Journal, don't stress about it. Live it to the fullest and record the memories when you have some downtime. After few years in a row of failed attempts to complete my Christmas journal, I think I have found my magic formula this year. Having an open ended journal made it easy for my style where I don't have to restrict myself to the size of journaling cards and pockets. Don't get me wrong... those are WONDERFUL methods of memory keeping but through trial and error, I realized it isn't the best option for me at the moment. My style can change and I can grow into pockets. But for now, I'm loving the space to just write my story. Here are some pages from my Painterly Christmas Memory Journal 2015.

If you are working on any sort of memory journal, please share in the comments. I always love to hear about your creative ventures!

If you happen to be using my Painterly Christmas Memory Journal Kit and/ or 12 Days of Christmas Add-on Kit, PLEASE share any images you have of what you are creating with it! I would LOVE to feature them here! Don’t be shy :)

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