Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Painterly Christmas Memory Journal

How is December turning out for you? Are you finishing up Holiday shopping? Are you still waiting to get your Christmas Cards back from the printer? The other day, I was at the printer to collect my photos for my own Holidays 2015 journal and there was a long que in front of me of those who had ordered their cards and were waiting to pick up. This year I ordered some photo cards just to try them out. I did this early because despite best of intentions, sometimes I don't get around to getting it done on time! Don't you know that feeling?

And now the more important question: if you are stressed this holiday season, how are you coping? Wherever I go, I see people rushing and trying to make decisions on the spot as to what to buy, how to get to their next stop in time... stressed faces everywhere! Whatever is going on during the day, I'm trying to wind down a bit in the evening.

How do you de-stress? Do you meditate? Breathing exercises? Yoga? Going for a jog? What really works for you?

I am trying to journal everyday. Writing things down on paper relaxes me and the problems begin to seem a bit smaller. Usually, I have multiple journals going at the same time. But right now, I am happy to have consolidated things into one journal. It's my Holidays 2015 Memory Journal. I am not all caught up, but every day, I write a page. Not too many bells and whistles, just writing how I truly feel and what's going on around me. Every now and then I add a tag when I have more to say, add a few photos for a visual of life right now to tell the whole story and some embellishments from the Painterly Christmas Memory Journal Kit and 12 Days of Christmas Add-on kit. Here are some pages from my journal.

If you are working on any sort of memory journal, please share in the comments. I always love to hear about your creative ventures! If you happen to be using my Painterly Christmas Memory Journal Kit and/ or 12 Days of Christmas Add-on Kit, PLEASE share any images you have of what you are creating with it! I would LOVE to feature them here! 
Don't be shy!

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