Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Creative Holiday Project Idea # 8

December is here and I’m SO EXCITED to be sharing with YOU my project ideas for the Holidays. Welcome to Day 7! If you like the project ideas, share them with others who like such things. You are welcome to pin, tweet, share on Facebook, Instagram or wherever you hang out!

Today’s idea centers around the idea of memory keeping. I started working on my Holidays Memory Journal around Thanksgiving because that’s when my family starts getting ready for the Holidays, no matter how we celebrate that year. Shopping, planning, cleaning, decorating and more planning bursts out right about this time for us as I am sure it does for most of you guys too.  And recording those details makes it a fun way to unwind the stresses of busy days and looking back and making sense of the frenzy. I have not started with the cover. I am just writing in my Painterly Christmas Memory Journal, adding photos, receipts, embellishments, etc. as we go. If you are wondering why I keep calling it my Memory Journal, please read this post and it will explain why I find this form of memory keeping  most fulfilling personally.

 As you can see, I write a lot. My favorite pen is Faber-Castell PITT Artist pen in BLACK with M tip.  I sewed a pocket to keep some shopping receipts, such as the one for our Christmas tree.

I’ll be sharing more of this journal with you in the coming weeks. How about you? Are you recording your Holiday memories too? If so, please share links to your creations in the comments. And if you are using my Painterly Christmas Memory Journal Kit, I’d be very very happy if you share with me how you are using it! In fact, I’d very much love to feature your creations here on my blog!

Stay tuned for more creative ideas!

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