Tuesday, November 03, 2015

When memories morph into inspiration

All of the Painterly Christmas Memory Journal Kits and Add-on pre-orders have shipped and tracking numbers emailed on 11/2. They should start arriving at your mail boxes from tomorrow depending on where you live. Again, THANK YOU for the love!

I couldn't choose just one of you to win a giveaway prize! So, I created one tiny piece of original artwork for each one of you. I hope you like it!

Only a few of these kits are left and you can find them on Etsy.

I had so much fun with all the little elements of this kit, I ended up taking a ton of photos. I enjoyed taking these photos as I tilted my camera and played with settings to capture the delicacy of the laces, the shimmer of the sequins, the warmth of the birch wood.

I didn't quite realize that these little details will bring back such a rush of warm, sweet memories for me!
I think you might enjoy the stories behind my process.

These colors remind me of the macarons we ate at a French bakery in Hyde Park Village in Tampa one rainy afternoon in late August on a day out with my friend, Kelly!

This dark teal lace fabric... it reminded me of a Christmas dress I bought for my older daughter when she was three.
I remember her dancing in the Christmas show at her school in that dress, while I watched, then 4-months-pregnant with my son.
It turned up when we were sorting clothes for donation before the move. I had forgotten that I had held on to it all this time without knowing why! I kept it for little Jia, my youngest.

There's something about lace fabric that is so enchanting! It's like doll houses, fairy tales, weddings, sweet dreams... This June, just before the move, we went to a photographer and had some family portraits taken. I chose black and ivory for all of our outfits.
All the girls wore ivory lace tops.
The best photo from that shoot hangs over the fireplace mantle in the living room of our new house and that's one I'm going to cherish forever! 

When I chose elements for the Painterly Christmas Memory Journal Kit, I was picking out pretty things that would coordinate beautifully. It wasn't till I uploaded the photos to my computer and began looking at them as a whole, that it dawned on me why I chose them...

Isn't it interesting how little memories like these morph into inspiration quite unconsciously in our minds and express themselves when you were least expecting them?


Jane said...

Hi Mountain I tried to enter my project in the faber castellated thank full comp. My comment and link does not appear.....has it gone to spam as I often have problems commenting on word press from a blogger account. .I wonder if you could help me? Thanks so much xx

Jane said...
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Jane said...

That should obviously be Mou not mountain. ..predicted text issues. ..so sorry also Castell not castellated. ..lol x

Jane said...

I'm having trouble here too with predictive text. ..so sorry Mou xx

Mou Saha said...

Jane, I get autocorrected all the time, I think we all do, so no worries :)
Some ladies have difficulty posting comments on Typepad, that's why count if they post on my blog. If nothing works comment-wise for you, just email me your project link to mou_s51@yahoo.com and I'll include it in the drawing. Good luck :)