Sunday, October 25, 2015

When a special piece speaks to you

Are you a member of a scrapbooking kit club? When you open up your kit, fresh from the box, does a special piece or two speak to you? Do you answer its call by keeping it separate from the pile and plan a special project around it?

I urge you to listen when a small piece speaks to you. It could be telling a story. And who knows what you will find if you just follow its lead!

Something like this happened to me today. You know the deer whose story I told you the other day? Well, I think he kind of has my heart! He will look ADORABLE on any page of the Painterly Christmas Memory Journal.

But how fun would it be to take him out of the pages and give him a spot on a mantle or a desk?

The idea began to shape in my mind when I first watched a Make Live Share video on Richard Garay's blog. The project is called Happy Sails. In only a few steps, Richard turned a teeny tiny glass jar into a special gift. Richard has a whole gallery of project videos that are filled with many cool ideas. Be sure to check them out alongside his Richard Garay Retail and Fun Stampers Journey Direct Sales catalogs.

Of all his videos, this one spoke to me the most because my son has a small collection of ships in bottles and I had always wondered how the artisan manages to insert a ship into the bottle through its narrow neck!


In his video, Richard showed how to do that... well, sort of :)

So from the deer that I painted and the idea that I got from Richard, I decided to create a mini winter scene in a glass jar!

I rounded up some pieces from my Painterly Christmas Memory Journal 2015 Main Kit alongside my deer. The only other thing I needed was a glass jar. I wash used up jelly jars and save them for later projects.

 I LOVE upcycled crafts!

I particularly loved Richard's idea of the sequins. I have seen several DIY snow globes that are wet being filled with some sort of fluid. I wasn't quite willing to drown Phillip...

oh did I tell you that we decided to call our deer, Phillip?

Ah yes, since I'm sure that Phillip wouldn't want to get wet, I thought that the shimmery sequins from the kit would be perfect for his winter wonderland grazing ground.

Then, of course, I had to add my personal touches! If you like my idea, follow along:
  • Create a mix of a couple of jingle bells and some sequins and pour it into the jar. You might want to add some extra sequins from your stash here.
Don't you LOVE the sound of jingle bells!
  • Push the Christmas tree trio into the sequins to create the backdrop.
  • Place your deer in front of the trees.
  • Cover the jar with lace fabric and close the lid to finish.
Better still, why don't I show you the video of how quickly I finished this project?

BONUS: Did you notice that we didn't use any glue for this project? Which means that after the holidays, you could still use the pieces to embellish your memory journal and they would match the photo of  your handmade holiday décor perfectly!!!

I attached the half wreath on the lid with a little repositionable adhesive, but you can choose to skip that piece if you like.

Here's the finished project!

Decorate your home with it or give it as a gift. Imagine how thrilled someone would be to get a handmade cutie like this?

You really can find a starting point anywhere. Use that inspiration to create something that speaks to you. And if it speaks to you, it will speak to others as well!


Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Adorable, Mou! Love it!

Mou Saha said...

Thanks Kim :)