Tuesday, October 13, 2015

That new adventure I was talking about

A few weeks ago, I shared that I was about to embark on a new adventure. With the behind-the-scenes stuff gradually falling in place, I can now share a bit more about it.
Sometime in mid August, I got an email from a long-time friend. It was an invite to join a new design team. The brand was new to me. I checked out the online catalogs and thought that the products were a lot of fun. I quite like to create with style of products that I don't usually use on a regular basis. I see it as a gateway to fresh perspective. In the last ten years, I have worked with many brands -- big names, start-ups, so many wonderful creative people. I am grateful to have taken those journeys because the experience, good as well as the less-than-good, have taught me a lot about myself. Most of all, they have inspired and polished my creative skills in a way that only regular practice can.
The Make Amazing Design Team is for the brands Richard Garay and Fun Stampers Journey, under the parent company of Journey Blooms Corporation, founded by Richard and his wife Gabby. Their motto is Make Live Share as you will find in their video series and blog. That's a motto I look up to. So, in the coming months, you'll see me post sneak peeks of upcoming collections as well as what those products are inspiring me to create.

But before we get into that, today let me share with you a fun gift packaging project by Richard himself. 
Cute, or what?

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