Thursday, October 29, 2015

Inspired by Autumn: A Series in Art Making, Week 5 - What to do when you have more ideas than you have time

Before you start reading this post, please answer this question:
Which do you love creating the MOST?
1. Scrapbook Mini Albums
2. Art Journals
3. Both about equally
Here's an affirmation: It's totally fine to find yourself in just one spot and also to slide back and forth on this scale. We don't have to choose a side, we can play on both teams! Right now, I find freedom of creativity in art journals but I also like to tell stories of my family more than free writing in journals. I feel that I belong somewhere in between groups 2 and 3. So, that makes me a two and a half, I guess? That almost sounds like a shoe-size, doesn't it?
How did I grow into a half-size? Time, my friends, or lack there of!
I know, YOU too have MORE IDEAS than you have TIME, whether you work or study full-time or take care of family. I have found my solution in Memory Journals, a fusion of memory book and art journal. Read on to see how you too can blend your approaches together to satisfy all your creative cravings!

Welcome to the 5th and final week of my Inspired by Autumn mini Blog series as I share with you my Autumn Memory Journal!
This has been a month-long celebration of the beauty of Autumn and how it inspires the creative muse. Be sure to read the posts from previous weeks: Week 1Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.
I have taken photos, recorded the sound of my footsteps on fallen leaves, taken more photos, pressed colorful leaves, picked my own apples, peaches, tomatoes, berries and even acorns, drank pumpkin shakes, ate corn muffins, scrapped layouts, decorated the house, Instagrammed (Go ahead, follow Color_Happy_Creations, you won't be disappointed ;), brush-lettered, illustrated and water-colored the scenes around me...
I have lived this Autumn to the fullest! And here's how I am telling my story in my Memory Journal, fusing my love of :
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Modern Calligraphy
  • Watercoloring
  • Story-telling
  • Memory Keeping
and you too can blend the creative roles you want in the following steps:

1. The Photographer: Take those photos even if with only a phone camera, to capture the moments.
Don't you get excited to get a freshly printed stack of photos? The scrapbooker in me sure does!

2. The Sketcher-Doodler: Don't be shy! If you like drawing, spread it beyond your sketchbook.  
From doodling on the margins of my notebooks in school to carrying a sketchbook to the beach, I have always scribbled and sketched scenes all around me. Now, these little drawings let me put more of me in my memory journals.

Are you loving this beautiful trend of modern takes on calligraphy?
3. The Calligrapher: Don't just love it, try it... develop your personal style of hand-lettering!
Use it to create titles and quotes.

4. The Painter: Go on, paint the town! Create washes, ombre effects, splatter, drip... PLAY with colors to satisfy the painter in you. 
I am a huge fan of watercolors and I take every chance I can find to play with it.

5. The Illustrator: Tell your story not just with photos, but also with your illustrations!
If you are wondering about the differences between drawings and illustrations, read this article.

6. The Wordsmith: Use your story-telling skill!
Use words to paint a more complete picture of the behind-the-scenes details that your photos may not reveal.

7. The Explorer: Experiment! Play with techniques... you know that you are dying to try them! 
Most important: HAVE FUN!
You may not enjoy all the same roles I like to play. You might be skilled with polymer clay or embroidery or carving your own stamps. Replace the roles with your skill set wherever you see fit. Flex your creative muscles and see which skills you can put together to make your creative process more enjoyable.
Let's meet on Thursdays in November too for another fun blog series! 


jbonomo said...

Thank you for the inspiring post!

Mou Saha said...

Thanks SO MUCH for your sweet comment, Julie! It made me so happy that you found it inspiring :)

Paula Cheney said...

Mou , Sure love this series...the watercolor work is stunning. As always, you inspire me to want to do better (and more).

Mou Saha said...

Paula!!! I have NO words! (((HUGS)))