Monday, October 19, 2015

A Painterly Christmas Memory Journal Kit

Your family is coming home to you for the Holidays.

You are EXCITED!
You want to cozy up every corner of your home for your loved ones, add your personal touches to the things you know they crave... the food, the presents, the decorations, the fragrance... you want to make the Holidays as special for them as you can.

You are BUSY!
You want to watch as their faces light up, maybe their eyes tear up a little as they realize how much they missed you and all this! You want to create beautiful memories to last a lifetime... with them and for them.
Because that's what YOU do!

You want to capture these moments forever in photos, in scrapbooks. But it's all too much, managing the daily now and planning and organizing for the Holidays. AND to shop for all the latest and the greatest to make a scrapbook that lives up to those special memories? 

It all feels so OVERWHELMING! 

I know that feeling. Let me take one thing off your plate this year!You focus on taking care of them and leave me with the task of designing a memory journal for you this Holiday season.

Because just like you, I too put a lot of love into creating a unique experience for YOU!  

Let me introduce you to my

For me, it is not about the latest mass market trends or products. It is much more about the warm feeling you get when you open up a homemade handcrafted memory book that matches the magical ambience of the Holidays that you created in your home for your family.

From hand-painted images to hand-lettered words, phrases, quotes and soft, flowy watercolored backdrops, it's a chock-full of heart-warming Holiday goodness put together in a unique kit that will work whether you scrapbook or art journal. You will have 55 pieces of unique painted embellishments like the ones pictured above to add to the hand-painted pages among lots of other kit elements. You can't find this kit anywhere else as its not put together with store-bought scrapbooking products. I made this just for you!

Since I am creating several of the kit elements fresh every single time, I can make only a LIMITED QUANTITY of this kit available. I'm offering an introductory price for the pre-order.The kit is $65.00 plus $7.00 domestic shipping and handling. International shipping and handling is $15.00.

**ETA: Please note updated shipping prices: Domestic is $10.00 and International is $20.00**

**Order NOW to secure yours before they are all gone. **

ETA: I am so grateful for your response, I have added a FUN EXTRA for you! Check this out.

Thought you might like to know what other customers are saying about my previous Christmas journal kits:

cozyhomeartist on November 16, 2012               

"I love my Christmas journal. So excited when I saw that Mou had made a new item I had to buy it that day. I had bought the New Years Resolution Journal and it sits on my desk reminding me of my goals for the year. I am looking forward to filling this Christmas Journal up soon. Thanks Mou for sharing your creative projects!"  

jennifermasi on January 3, 2012        

Wow! I was so happy to find this shop and even happier with the product when I received! It's creative, well crafted and so beautiful! It came quickly and in time for Christmas.

Be sure to check back because I have a very special giveaway for one lucky winner who I will choose from among my pre-order customers. 

You don't want to MISS this! 

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