Tuesday, September 15, 2015

An Autumn Birthday Gift

Hello, hello... it's September and the temperatures are already falling below 45 degrees here in Chester! Sweater weather for sure. The leaves are starting to change colors and falling. The shapes and colors of these leaves are really inspiring my creativity. Such as with this birthday gift wrapping I created with Brenda Walton dies from Sizzix. I think it fits an autumn birthday very well, don't you? Whether you want to use dies to create the whole ensemble or just the embellishments or simply take the inspiration and make it your own, read on for the whole pictorial!

To make this gift ensemble, I diecut all the pieces first out of pretty patterned papers. I used Anna Griffin patterned cardstock for they have these sweet subtle patterns on them and are just the right thickness/weight of paper for a project like this. I'm going to walk you through the process, one step at a time.

Let's start with the Sweet Treat Bag. To make the Sweet Treat Bag, you will need to diecut two pieces using the same die. Trim two pieces of patterned cardstock to about 9" x 6". For diecutting the  bag, start with this Sizzix sandwich: Lay the papers on the blade side of the Sizzix Movers and Shapers L die Sweet Treat Bag. Place these between a Sizzix Accessory Standard Cutting Pad and another Sizzix Accessory Standard Premium Crease Pad. Pass the Sizzix sandwich through the Sizzix Big Shot machine to diecut the Sweet Treat Bag. Using the Premium Crease Pad will ensure you get creases for crisp folds when you assemble the Sweet Treat Bag in the next step.

Fold along the crease lines and put a strip of strong adhesive on the tabs. Follow this helpful PDF of instructions to assemble the Sweet Treat Bag. Again, you could use a bag you have already. But this die gives you the freedom to make a bag out of your favorite papers to suit any theme or occasion. This being a Movers and Shapers die, you could even cut out windows to personalize your Sweet Treat Bag.

Next, to diecut the Mini Correspondence Inserts & Envelopes, trim papers to size. These are pretty tiny as their name suggests and you could use scrap paper stash here. Create a Sizzix sandwich by laying papers on the blade side of the Sizzix XL die Mini Correspondence Inserts & Envelopes. Place these between a pair of Sizzix Accessory Extended Cutting Pads and pass through the Sizzix Big Shot machine. Fold and glue the flaps of the envelope. Write your note on the insert and pop it in its very own tiny envelope. 
Now, here's another detail you can add. To keep the envelope closed and note secure inside, I used one of the Classic Icons. To diecut the cameo silhouette, place paper on the blade side of the Sizzix Bigz Die Classic Icons. Place these between a pair of Sizzix Accessory Standard Cutting Pads and pass through the Sizzix Big Shot machine. Attach the cameo with repositionable adhesive to seal the envelope . You'll see how mine turned out in a few steps.

To diecut the Summer Florals... well, they work just as well as Autumn florals... create this Sizzix sandwich. Lay strip of paper on the blade side of the Sizzix Decorative Strips die Summer Florals. Place these between a pair of  Sizzix Accessory Decorative Strip Cutting Pads on a Sizzix Accessory Extended Multipurpose Platform and pass the whole sandwich through the Big Shot machine. Repeat this with a few different strips of patterned papers for stacking. Fold some of the flowers in quarters to add volume. Stack several layers of Summer Florals diecuts together and secure with a brad. I found one in my stash that says 'Make a Wish!' Perfect for a birthday!

Your Sweet Treat Bag can be used for more than just sweets, of course! I am using mine for a set of bracelets.
Wrap your gift with some fall colored tissues. Put it in the Sweet Treat Bag.

To diecut the Leaves, create a Sizzix sandwich by placing the papers on the blade side of the Sizzix Bigz L die Leaves and putting them between a pair of Standard Cutting Pads. Pass it through the Big Shot machine. Fold the Leaves along the mid vein and reopen. 
Now to embellish your Sweet Treat Bag... staple your three diecut Leaves onto the bag. This step doubles to close the bag as well.

We don't want the staples to show. To hide the staples and embellish the Sweet Treat Bag, attach the Summer Florals flower you created above with a bit of glue right over the staples. 
Remember the cameo from the Classic Icons die that we diecut above to use as an envelope seal? Here's what it looks like.
I like how this turned out and I think my daughter would love it too. There are lots of different elements to this project. I hope you will be inspired by some of them. You could do this without the dies too. But using these Sizzix dies made it SO much easier, quicker and nicer. And of course, you get unlimited use out of these sturdy and beautiful products.
If you want to make it exactly like mine, here are the supplies I used to create this gift ensemble:
Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Pads, Standard, 1 Pair (Mint)
Others: Patterned Cardstock (Anna Griffin Inc.), Adhesives (Scotch 3M), Brad (October Afternoon), stapler 
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Marci said...

This is so pretty! Good ideas.

Mou Saha said...

Thanks Marci! So glad you like the ideas :)