Wednesday, October 01, 2014

An Art Journal page with DecoArt Media

Every now and then, I draw a face or two in my journal or sketchbook... this is one of those pages.
On this page, I played with the new DecoArt Media Gesso, Misters, and Fluid Acrylic paints.

I loved the brush strokes that got registered while applying the thick gesso.

Sprayed the page with Primary Cyan, Primary Magenta, and Primary Yellow Misters and then sprayed them with water. The colors moved around beautifully, blending and mixing, creating free flow patterns on the gessoed surface.

Also, added a bit of the Yellow Shimmer Mister on the facing page.

That's a beautiful gold shimmer!

Added some more colors to the left page with Primary Magenta Fluid Acrylic paint.

Next splattered more colors of the Fluid Acrylic paints.

When I splatter paint, I get happily carried away :)

When all the paints dried, I sketched a face with pencil.

I didn't want the face to be thoroughly painted... I wanted it to blend into the background. So I didn't apply flesh tones on her. Instead I added colors with the above fluid acrylic paints.

I diluted the paints with water, blended them a bit and painted the details of her face. Loved how the diluted fluid acrylic paints acted almost like watercolor and yet maintain their vibrancy. The Shimmer mist from the previous step didn't react when wet colors were added on top. That's something I'd love as I create in layers. 

Added hair details around her face with pencil. 

Here are some close-ups of the page... face and journaling.
Okay back to making stuff :)

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Grace said...

This page is sooooo gorgeous! Loving all that colour!