Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial: Telling a story

Hi everyone, Mou here with today's post.
Did you know that April 27th is Tell A Story Day? So, in honor of this day, I want to share a little story about a family vacation we took over spring break last month. I'll show you the first spread today. To tell my story, I'm going to use
  • Daily Flash pocket pages by October Afternoon
  • Printed photos
  • Drawn pictures
  • Memento collected
  • and some words, stamps, stickers, etc.
The first part of this process is in selecting the right pocket pages for my purpose.

I picked these two: SL-1073 - Daily Flash - 6x8 Sleeve for 3x3 (A) and SL-1074 - Daily Flash - 6x8 Sleeve for 3x4 (A). I also used the 12 x 12 Stamp Book paper and See The World stamp set from Travel Girl collection, Orange Soda alphas from Daily Flash collection and some label stickers.

Next is selection of photos. Obviously, there are several to choose from. I decided to pick those that will help me tell my story the best, rather than picking only those that looked the best. Here are some I decided on:

And there were sketches I did during this cruise that I wanted to include. My sketch wasn't the size to fit into any of the pockets, So I scanned it and resized it to fit.

I also included a little memento from the trip to tell my story. I had to cut off the rim to make it fit in the pocket. This is what the final spread looks like

I added the label stickers right on the photos and journaled on them. I cut a piece of the Stamp Book paper to fit in the center pocket and added the title and a stamp to it. I used the remaining space on the paper to tell the gist of the story.
What story would you tell with the Daily Flash pockets?

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