Thursday, February 06, 2014

Table numbers for wedding receptions

Here's an idea for creating table numbers for wedding receptions using some of your favorite Design Memory Craft products.

Supplies I used:
Gelatos: Peach, Chocolate (NEUTRAL) & Guava (RED)
PITT Artist pens: BLACK
Others: cardstock, photo frame, lace trim, sewing machine, stencil
And here are the steps

Measure and cut cardstock to fit inside the photo frame. 

Apply a coat of Gesso to the cardstock.

Once the Gesso dries, color the cardstock with Peach and Guava Gelatos and blend with wet brush.

Pick a pretty stencil (mine's by Prima) and using a moist brush (not wet, just moist enough to move color around), pick up some Chocolate Gelato directly from the stick and apply through the stencil onto the cardstock. I used a brush I had handy, but the stipple brush from the Gelatos Tool Set works really great for such applications.

Attach a lace trim at the top of the cardstock with a little adhesive. Stitch around the cardstock to secure the lace in place. Trim off any excess.

Cut out a number 1 from cardstock and attach to the decorated cardstock. Outline it with pencil. Write 'Table' with PITT artist pens. Insert the piece into its frame to finish.
Hope you have fun adding your handmade touches to your or a loved one's wedding!

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