Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This morning

I was chatting with one of my kid's teachers and she said that one very early morning, she felt like doughnuts and decided to drive through Dunkin Donuts. When she reached, she tried placing an order... once, twice, thrice, and she was really mad that no one responded...then she noticed that she wasn't talking to the microphone... she was talking to the trash can!!!
Today I feel like that :)
It has been SO BUSY and I'm exhausted. Today I called someone I have known for a while and actually pronounced her name wrong!!!
I should nap.


Shemaine Smith said...

Hang in there Mou! I feel you on the nap thing. I just busted out 14 cards and my brain is still spinning!

Sarah Mullanix said...

Oh a nap sounds fantastic, hang in there...only a few more hours and you'll wake up to a brand new day!