Sunday, December 18, 2011

Resolutions 2012

Feels like 2011 went by in a jiffy and I'm already gearing up for 2012. In recent years, I have been putting my goals, plans and resolutions in little handmade books. It's a check list kind of thing. Not all goals are profound, there are some super simple to do lists in it as well. But I like to check things off and write about progress, challenges, working around hindrances, and finding ways to move forward... it's a process journal.

I have finished putting together my Resolutions Art Journal for 2012. In journals like this, I love playing, experimenting, finding my true style at the moment. Here's a look at some of the pages inside.
This morning, I got a note from an Etsy Curator saying:
Greetings from Sierra's Sunshine!
One of your creations inspired this wonderful Treasury Collection. Please check it out! Share it with your friends! And please click the heart!
Blessings and love for the New Year!

This Friday, we kicked off our winter holiday with dinner at Asian buffet and a movie "Hugo" in 3D... I LOVED the message of this movie. Check it out, it will touch your heart!
I also started writing in my Happy Holidays journal yesterday, now that our Holidays have started officially :)

Did much-needed cleaning up downstairs and got some Christmas decor out. Each year, little things get added to the collection. The kids love it when I include their artwork into the mix. Right now, they are getting ready to build a gingerbread house and that's where I want to be :)
Happy Sunday!


Linda64 said...

Happy Sunday Mou and thank you for great inspiration. Hugs

eli said...

Happy Holidays and have fun with your new journal :)