Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm home... exhausted yet renewed and refreshed!

The Faber-Castell booth where I worked.
My Faber-Castell workshop where we were supposed to have 75 students but ended up having 90. Thanks to everyone who came to play!

The Glitz girls... they are SO NICE and SO PRETTY !!!

We went to dinner at Bistro11 and saw the Hershey's across from street.
Here's the super cute and sweet Megan Hoeppner, CK's Creative Editor rubbing the belly of this little cut out boy at the Doodlebug Booth.

It was so much fun to see my friends again and meet new ones. I roomed with Jen and learned a lot about the busines of wine even though I never drink. Just because we wanted to hang out a little longer, we left for the airport together and even though we had no time left to just sit and chill, we dragged our tired bodies and luggage from one end of the airport to the other... together :)


Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

Awww... It was so great to meet you in person and learn about different things together. I had a blast and am home full of inspiration too! You are a very talented and sweet lady! I hope we can room together in the future and hang out again! Thanks for being so great at my first CHA!

Katrina said...

Mou, so GREAT to meet you!!! I love your little cute face so much!!!! I would have loved to had more time to hang out together!!!! Hugs, Katrina

Rita Barakat said...

Hey girlie! ((hugs)) So fun to meet you and hang out a bit!!! I referenced you on my blog as I had only one of of us!