Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome 2011

Wish you a very Happy New Year! May the new year bring you whatever it is you are hoping for... be it good health, be it progress, be it love, be it more confidence...
I love fresh starts... love the feeling of something new, something not material or tangible but very powerful...
Are you making resolutions this year?
Sometimes I skip a year or two... just let it flow. 2010 was somewhat similar.  In 2011, I'm seeking a little more structure.  However, I'm keeping my list simple and brief. Jotting them down here. Elaborate and detailed plans don't work for me... sometimes I even find them rather stifling! But this year, in order to make progress, I'm going to need a plan and will need to refer back to that plan at times. So, I tied it in with something that brings me comfort... art, colors and just the freedom to write down what's on my mind.

Enjoy your weekend :)

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betsy (pharmgirl) said...

wonderful post Mou! I love new beginnings too!